Redo shortie

You don’t know you want me yet, but I’ll convince you. 

I slip into your bed, subduing even the most vigorous of protests with quick lips and quicker hands. 

“Do you remember me, pretty girl?”

You don’t. You don’t remember me lurking and watching. Seeing every move you make, but you will. 

I link your wrists together and tie them to the lovely headboard, admiring my handy work as you make the wood thump in your panic. 

“Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me.”

Your eyes are wild as I caress your face. You’re not there yet, in love, but you will be after what I’ve come to show you. 

I lean into your body, the hard lines of mine sinking into the welcoming curves of yours. 

You gasp, your beautiful eyes widening before sliding shut. But you can’t shut me out, my love. 

As I hold you down, as I slip into your body and whisper what a good girl you are, you’ll come to love me. You’ll come to know me very well. 


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