Then I’ll Make You

And sometimes, I like to be in control.

The leather bustier wrapped tight around her chest, pushing her B-cup breasts up and out in the most luscious way. The black PVC mini skirt barely covered her ass and showed off her brown thighs perfectly.

It was an outfit too cliché for words, but she wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else.

Power; raw, rich, heady power flowed through her veins as she stood tall. She wore her frank sexuality with pride. Embracing who she was as she wore her newfound strength. The air shimmered with possibilities and she was beyond ready to fulfill a fantasy tonight.

She drew in a deep breath, her breasts lifting in the most lewd manner. The man kneeling at her feet kept his head bowed so his brown hair brushed his broad shoulders. He knew not to look up when she let her exhaled breath release in a feigned sigh of disappointment. The way his muscles jumped when she let her fingers sift through his hair sent a tingle along her bare skin.

Gathering a chunk of the silky strands, she yanked his head back. He released a low moan, his blue eyes darkening to a stormy hue when they met hers. A smile curled her lips as she held his gaze. Someone loved the pain.

“What am I going to do with you, slave?” She let her voice dip and enjoyed the way his pulse pounded at his throat.

His lips parted as she tugged, another low moan rumbling in his chest. “Whatever pleases you, Mistress.”

She let his head go, and he immediately let it fall forward. “Even if it’s something you hate?”

His chest heaved, rising and falling as his lust and anticipation built. “Anything. I’ll do anything to please you.”

She wanted to purr. It was a rush, this control he gave her. An intoxicating drug to her senses. It heightened her arousal right along with his.

Reaching behind her, she unzipped the skirt and let it slip down her thighs. Her naked pussy had plumped the moment he bowed his head, and now the cool air moved over her wet, heated flesh. The heavy scent of her desire filled the air and saw the way he inhaled to take her in. She dipped her fingers between her thighs, moaning softly as she circled her clit before coating three fingers with her cream.

“Open your mouth,” she demanded, and her pussy clenched when he lifted his head, his mouth opening wide for her. She slid her fingers along his tongue, “Suck them clean, boy.”

Warm lips closed around her, engulfing her skin in heat. His tongue swirled, rasping along the length her fingers, and around the tips as she mimicked penetration with her movements.

She watched as the look of raw pleasure flitted over his face, his eyes closed in concentration as he sucked. The more he licked, the hotter and wetter she grew until it was a struggle to hold on to her cool demeanor. She swallowed, the urge to tell him to suck her pussy the same way on the tip of her tongue.

Not yet. Pleasure was always better when you had to wait for it.


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