Make Me

A series of old unedited posts for the weekend. In this first one, I like to think about submitting

“Would you let me tie you up?” His lips brushed her ear, his voice husky and seductive. They barely touched and yet his breath caressing her skin aroused her.

He’d made overtures for a while, but she’d resisted the urge in spite of how much she wanted him. She couldn’t help teasing him though. Brushing against him in the copy room, giving him a peek of her breasts when she bent forward, wearing the tightest skirts she owned. All for him. She couldn’t seem to stop herself. Knowing his eyes followed her every move made her feel powerful.

Today, when she’d bent over under the pretense of retrieving a paper, her ass high in the air, the room crackled with tension. She knew it was the last straw and her heart jumped when he cornered her in the break room. Her body reacted to his nearness now; nipples tight buds against her white blouse, her breath coming in hard pants, and her panties wet with cream.

“Would you like that?” He trailed his lips down her neck then back up, leaving goosebumps behind. “Your body bare for me, your wrists bound behind your back, and your ankles tied to the posts of my bed.” He nibbled at her earlobe. “Do you know what I’d do once I had you under my control?”

She swallowed hard and tried to find her voice. Her mouth opened and closed once before she managed to get a word out. “I don’t know,” she whispered back, embarrassed at how breathy she sounded.

“Once I had you I’d feast on your body. With my mouth, my hands, my cock,” he breathed. “I’d have you until I imprinted myself on your skin and no one else could satisfy you except me.”

His hand touched her then, barely grazing her through the fabric of her tight skirt, but she felt it to her bones. Her body clenched in anticipation. She bit back a moan as his fingers slipped over her covered mound, touching her with more pressure. The urge to rock her hips nearly overwhelmed her good sense.

“I don’t think–”

“Don’t speak,” he interrupted, his teeth grazing her neck. She trembled at the command in his voice, more cream dampening her panties. “You don’t have permission.”

He took a step forward, and she took a step back until he had her pressed to the wall at her back. His body fit to hers and she felt the hard jut of his arousal as it settled between her thighs. Her mind flickered to how good he’d feel inside of her, the quick slide of his body as he took her, and she moaned.

She wanted that and so much more from him.

He held her hips still when she tried rocking into him. “Uh uh, bad girls like you don’t get to cum until they’re told. When you tease, all you get is teased in return.”

He pressed harder into the apex of her thighs, his eyes pinning her. He was daring her to rebel, to submit, to pick what she wanted so he could take it. Either way, she knew he would have her.


His smile was seductive, a mix of feral desire and masculine triumph. “Good girl.”

Those two words went straight to her cunt. She wanted to arch and purr with satisfaction. Oh God, he was screwing with her mind.

“A reward for you until we meet tonight at my house.”

He swooped down and kissed her senseless. What little sense remained was obliterated under the feeling of his lips on hers. A hand circled to the nap of her neck, holding her steady for the sweep of his mouth. His tongue joined in, coaxing hers into play and dominating her with a power that made her weak.

Every ounce of her melted. Her heart hammered in her chest and between her thighs with adrenaline and need. He devoured her and she let him, opening wide, saying with every moan that he could take as much as he liked.

When he released her, she panted for breath. She stared at him absolutely dazed with lust.

He simply smiled as though well aware of what he did to her. Stepping back, he eyed her up and down. Whatever he saw must have satisfied him because he gave her rewarded her with a smile.

“I’ll pick you up at 8. Wear something sexy, no panties.” He grasped her chin. “Disobey and I’ll punish you, understand?”

She was too dazed to do anything except nod. He left her standing in the deserted breakroom without another word.


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