With a Flourish

A continuation of what I read on Kayla’s site. She wrote it for Wicked Wednesday and it stuck in my mind like a barb, demanding I carry it on. Maybe not to completion, but onward nonetheless…

It was like a spell woven over the room. He’s the wizard and I’m the unsuspecting observer caught up in it. The dim lighting and low thrum of the music only added to the effect.

“A shame to waste such pleasure on an object that can’t express its enjoyment.” He caressed what remained of the pillow before taking a step back to admire his work.

I stare unblinking at the pillow, feeling just as gutted by the savage display. Pleasure? What person in their right mind would allow this man to wield that… Weapon on their bodies? My heart hammers in panic at the mere thought. Beneath that fear, beneath the denial, lay the need that called me a liar. I wanted to know and that’s why I’d come.

I swallow hard and lift my eyes to find him glancing at me over his shoulder. His eyes glittered as he seemed to soak in my fear.

Master Anthony turned to face me and I noticed for the first time his open shirt. The sun-kissed brown skin that showed from beneath was dusted with dark hair and looked far warmer than his dark eyes.

He tapped the cane lightly on his thigh and I watched mesmerized as muscles rippled from chest to stomach. That lean body would look magnificent disciplining a slave or making love to her. He’d have his pleasure and be godlike while doing it.

“What noises would you make, little sub, if I touched your skin?” His voice dipped and filled the space between us, causing a frightening heat to flare in my belly.

An image of myself bound in the pillow’s place rose in my mind and I heard as if an echo the sound of my cries. It was a mix of both pain and pleasure that scared me.

I must have made some sort of sound because his smile returned. It was cruel, that smile, but it promised things that turned me inside out.

“Just like that only louder,” he whispered as the sharp rap of the cane on the floor made me gasp again.

If I could sink into the wall behind me and escape the mix of feelings this man raised in me, I would melt in an instant. Instead I stand like a statue, enslaved to the arousal brewing inside of me. The little voice I’d kept silent for years murmured that I wanted to know how it felt. How HE felt.

Master Anthony took a step toward me and I couldn’t help the way I trembled. When he was within arms reach of me, he stopped. Our height difference stunned me, looking up and up made me feel small and controlled.

He reached out to caress my face, his fingertips tracing me lower lip with the lightest touch. I didn’t think him capable of gentleness, but the way his eyes changed as he touched me hinted at a depth I found I needed to understand.

He hummed softly, his eyes narrowing on me. He held my chin between his fingers as his eyes burned into mine. When his head lowered, I held my breath wanting to feel his lips desperately.

“I know exactly what’s going on in that lovely head of yours.” His breath teased my lips he was so close. I dared not close the distance between us. “I think that we’ll be seeing much more of each other, little sub. You’ll feel the kiss of my cane soon enough.”

Then he was gone, leaving me reeling, aroused, and frightened in equal measure. I pressed back into the wall trying to slow the racing of my heart. God, what was the matter with me?


I jumped at the sound of my guide’s voice. He looked a little uncomfortable as through he knew what I’d been through. The heaviness of my breasts and the dampness between my thighs felt like beacons. He couldn’t know that though.

“It’s time to rejoin the rest of the class for the next session.”

I followed him to the next room and took my seat. I tried listening to the talk on bondage, but my mind turned Master Anthony’s words over and over. What did he mean? I shuddered as the thought of what he’d do if he had me under his control surfaced.

This whole experience of coming to the school was starting to seem like a bad idea.


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