Flash 11

A quick flash for MM

His stare holds me captive, dares me to do it. 

I inch my skirt up until only he can see my pussy, but he lifts an eyebrow in challenge. I narrow my eyes, pulling it all the way up and around my waist. 

Arousal coats the lips of my pussy and I can feel the breeze and the weight of his stare there. I let my thighs part and know I’m drawing stares. 

He’s smirking at me and I know I have to be quick. I suck two fingers in my mouth and put on a show getting them wet. The semi of his I’d seen earlier has hardened to a steel bar that tents his shorts nicely. Now it was my turn to smirk as I release my fingers with a pop. 

Fast. I have to remember I can’t draw it out. Damn shame… 

The first touch to my clit tells me this won’t last long. I fix my gaze on him, ignoring the stares and whispers as I watch him adjust himself. I imagine him releasing that monster from its confines and coming closer so I can suck him between my lips. He’d taste like a salty treat and smell like sweat.  My fingers work faster as I watch him squirm, my hips thrusting with every circle of my fingers. 

He cups himself, his eyes smoldering as I part my labia for him. I’m puffy and candy pink inside. I want him parting me with his cock, audience be damned. 

I cum in a rush or more like a gush. It’s almost as good as his moan when he spills in his shorts. 

Next dare is his


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