Flash 10

375 words

How long would it take to break her?

He pondered the question as he shadowed her down the street. The press of the crowd shielded him, but she’s like a beacon he can track with his eyes closed. Her dark hair pulled back in a low bun, the different shades of brown glinting in the sunlight. Her bronzed skin that looked so soft it begged to be touched. Her body a temple of curves that would mould to him.

She stopped to buy a paper at a corner stand, her fingers dancing over the roses sitting in bunches. It’s like he can feel that delicate caress on his skin, trailing like fire from his neck to his toes.

He saw the extra long caress of the cashier as they exchange money and he growled low. She was his and only he deserved to touch her.

The need for her consumed hm. One glance, one chance encounter at a coffee shop and he wanted her with a ferocity that scared him. That fueled the demon inside of him.

He remembered her smell, caramel and vanilla, as he bumped in to her that day. The smile on her face as she accepted his apology was sweetness, rousing both his cock and the heart he thought incapable of emotion. Her voice called to him and the need to know her possessed him.

He had to have her.

Following her had been too easy. When she was his, he’d teach her how to watch for predators. Like him. He snickered at his thought as he sidestepped a woman pushing a pram.  He’d teach her a host of other things, too. How to pose and please him. How to come on command with his name on her lips.

God, to hear her say his name as she spasmed around him. He would know the sound just as he’d know her taste.

And he’d have her easy. He’d learned the right way to catch people. He knew how to get what he wanted and shape the product so it pleased. She was as good as his even now.

He watched as she sipped her s’more frappe, oblivious. Not much longer. He promised himself he’d have her, taste her, fuck her.



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      1. Kayla Lords

        I think their own reactions to it scare them. Most people probably think that if they like it, there must be something wrong with them. They’re (usually) incorrect about that. I love this kind of stuff. It turns me on and fascinates me. Doesn’t freak me out or scare me – the writing or my reaction to it. πŸ™‚

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  1. A-Ku

    Definitely one of the darker/more dangerous territory stories of yours I’ve read.
    I have to admit that I hold no negative feeling toward the basic principle and as a writer myself, I’ve charted some fairly dark and twisted paths (albeit of a different nature) on my journey. As such I admit that it’s good to allow the imagination to have a taste of all things to best find ourselves.
    The trouble is that for most people there is great trouble discerning the line between in-my-mind and in-reality and too often the ones that do, blur their lines and then things can go very bad.
    Thanks for sharing this, a short, interesting look at the darker part of desire.

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