A Look Back

Sometimes it’s good, you know? I do it to see if I’m getting better or worse. I wrote this last March and figured I’d repost. On initial drafting, I had worries about how this would be received or interpreted. Really it’s just a story. And it’s a draw on the writing.

I could feel you. It was tangible and I barely suppressed a gasp at the intimate way you let your eyes roam over me. Heat suffused my skin, leaving an indelible mark that burned my lips, tightened my breasts, and slicked my sex. I could feel how much you wanted me, a feeling I wanted to revel in.

Except I’m not supposed to know you’re watching me nor want your touch.

Fear lodged like a brick in my throat that first time I felt your gaze. You burned my skin in a different way, the heat of your gaze crawling over me. I searched through the crowd, worrying you’d grab me then. This was a game though and you weren’t ready to trap me yet. So like a cat toying with its prey, you let me go.

Slipping in my apartment that night, I felt relief. Safe. But the moment I let my naked body relax between the sheets, my mind wasn’t thinking about safety, it was thinking about you. I’d wondered if the anxiety flitting across my face feed your sick desire. If your cock was heavy and your balls full with thoughts of snatching me, tying me down, and fucking me until I screamed. As you imagined me unwilling and on my knees, you stuffed between my lips, did you get off?

My hand was between my thighs thick cum coating each finger as I shuddered in erotic fear.

I was breathless with anticipation from that point on, always aware of you just behind me when I went out. Always a sloppy wet mess beneath my panties as I moved through my day pretending I couldn’t feel you.

You hide like a monster in wait now, and I have no doubt that you’re every bit of the craven beast you seem. Claws barely sheathed, poised to swallow me whole.

Hiding in the shadow of the building, you lurk there in the inky blackness biding your time until you’ll take me. Menace rolling off you in waves, threatening things I should know nothing about. Things like violence, sex, pain, and domination. Your demeanor said it, and the rock hard cock pulsing in your jeans promised it.

I dressed knowing with a sixth sense that tonight was the night. My top cut so low a bounce would topple my breasts from their perch, the fabric doing nothing to hide the press of my nipple, the skirt wrapped lovingly around my hips, and my panty-less pussy underneath. I was asking you, telling you I wanted it, and you’d give it tonight.

I’d already broken off from my friends, the din of the club a low throb as I stand in the back alley. The darkness thickened like a cloud, filling me with fear and aching arousal. Oh, I was slick with it, the wet swish as I moved deeper into the unknown sounded audible in the silence.

“You lost?” Your harsh voice set my heart to a hard gallop.

I stagger a little, projecting a hint of drunkenness and confusion as my steps falter. “Nah, I’m… I just need a little fresh air, ‘sall.”

You step out of the shadows and the weak light gives me a partial picture of you. Broad, tall, bigger than my five foot ten inch frame. I can’t make out your exact features, but I don’t care. I want you regardless.

I trip along, hand braced along the wall and you don’t even pretend you’re not stalking me. The intent is like a vibration along my skin; the closer you come, the bigger it seems. I know without a doubt you’ll have complete control over me, merciless and exacting power. My cunt spasms even as I stumble.

Ready to feel you, I freeze as though cornered.

“Hey! Let me go,” I garble out in some mock distress. You subdue my flailing with arms that circle like steel cables around me, dragging me against your solid body.

“I’ll scream.” The tremor in my voice could pass for fear, but I feel nothing of the sort as you fit my ass against the cock straining your jeans. Big and so ready. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Shut your mouth,” you hiss in my ear. “I won’t hurt you if you keep your mouth shut.”

A lie. Your hands hold too tight, the need gives you away. I go limp like I should though. “I’ll be good.”

“Yeah you will.” You squeeze a breast, pulling it from its confines to torture a distended nipple until I squeak with the pain. “Be good and this will go easy.”

The humid feel of your breath on my face teases me, the rough play of your hand at my breasts, the way you find your way unerringly to my naked cunt, the slow grind of you into my backside… I smile into the darkness.

You’ll take and take, but I’m more than happy to give.

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