You’ve made sensational claims about my personhood
You’ve labeled me a novelty of sorts
Skin a color, hair this short, curvy, tall girl
Would you go out of your way to taste me?

A fruitful goddess you’d devour
Take a bite?
Not so fast!
Friendly may mark the attitude of some deities, but I am harder to crack

Let’s say I love the chase
Don’t call me hard to get
A COCK tease just because you mixed up my signals
Polite and personable will confuse all those who advance
But you better be ready to fight for me

Miss Cool, Calm, and Collected
Enjoying attention, but not because I need your cock in me
I do not, sir. I do not

Understand this first
Feigned interest does not a connection make
When I want you. You. Will. Know
And you damn sure better hold on to me then


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