Have You…

So why not? What if she said yes on her own terms?

He trailed his fingers down her face and she felt that jolt again.

That nagging voice in her mind reminded her that she shouldn’t hop back into his bed, but her body was practically panting to let him have her like only he was capable of. Her brain was beyond fuzzy with lust. If the dampness of her panties served as a guide, she’d be naked on the living room floor in front of all her friends already. Even as her nipples rubbed against the cups of her bra with each breath, she knew she couldn’t approach the situation with her mind in her crotch.

She schooled her expression, careful not to reveal any of her thoughts. “What are you willing to do?”

It was gratifying to see his face change at her question. His eyebrows crept up to his hairline. “What am I willing to do?”

It was nearly impossible to suppress the mirth that wanted to bubble up as she realized the power he’d given her. Stepping closer, she pressed her aching breasts to his arm and wrapped a hand around his neck so that her fingers splayed along the soft hairs at his nape. She lifted on tiptoe, bringing her lips to his ear.

“What are you willing to do in order to have me?” She nipped at his lobe and felt him shiver. “If you could have me any way you wanted?”

She felt his breath shudder out and smiled to herself as she stroked his hair. In the past, he had been in control, but this once if she was going to have what she wanted, she knew she would need to take control.

“Would you let me tie you down and ride your cock?” She grabbed a fistful of hair and gave a tug. “Or spank your gorgeous ass until you couldn’t sit down for two days?”

“Candace…” His gulp was audible.

She laughed softly. “Your husky tone gives you away. Maybe that’s exactly what you want.”

Without giving him a chance to think, she tugged him up the stairs. She pulled him into the first vacant room they came to. Nothing was familiar, but that didn’t matter. It had a bed and she knew she could improvise the rest.

“On the bed.” She softened her harsh command with a smile, but when he continued to stare she dropped the smile. “Get your ass on the bed before I leave you here with your dick in your hand.”

He laid down in the middle of the floral spread, waiting with a mix of trepidation and desire. The fact that his jeans were sporting a huge tent told her which feeling would win out. She had his number.

Turning away, she let the feeling of power work its magic on her body and began a slow dance. Her hips swayed, her ass jiggling, and hands smoothed a path along her sides to the tune in her head. With each swivel, she inched up her shirt until the curve of her stomach and underside of her bra was revealed. Impatience had her ripping the fabric over her head and tossing it at him. It hit him square in the face before falling to the bed beside him.

“Take off your shirt.” She dared him with a look to say no, but he pulled it off without any protest.

His reward was the release of the hooks holding her bra on. She moved toward him, continuing her slow dance, letting the straps slide down her arms until nothing held the cups to her body. Her breasts were a decent handful, the nipples and areoles dark as blackberries. She would have been shy about them if it wasn’t for the naked lust in his eyes.


The speed with which he removed his jeans forced a husky laugh from her throat. Her mirth evaporated at the sight of his cock jutting up from his body. The urge to drop to her knees and wrap her lips around him was a tangible thing. The desire shook her down to her toes, so much so that she nearly let the dominant facade crumble and give in. As much as she’d enjoy sucking him off, this wasn’t about his pleasure.

She faced away from him again unzipped her skirt so it puddled on the ground. Her juices had soaked through the crotch of her panties and she made a show of removing them. Bent at the waist, she lingered knowing her pussy was on display.

Her fingers slipped in, spreading her pussy lips wide. She was plump and wet, ready to feel him surging up into her. Glancing behind her, she found him tugging at his cock. The sight had her plunging her fingers deep inside.

“Uh uh, Joshua. Put your hands above your head and grip the headboard.”

She straightened up and turned around, her fingers still playing. He swallowed hard before gripping the headboard.

To have him laid out before her, submitting to her, there for her pleasure – was intoxicating. It was impossible to contain the smile that spread across her face as she watched his big body tremble with anticipation.

Her cunt made a sucking sound when she removed her fingers, the muscles gripping at nothing. As she straddled his waist, her ass cradling his cock, she smeared her wetness on his parted lips.

“Hold still.” She lifted up, grabbing the heated length of his cock and holding it so the tip brushed between her lips. “Don’t you dare move. Not. One. Inch.”

Lifting her eyes to meet his, she sank down on him. The way she had to stretch around him, her muscles gripping and fluttering, had her whimpering. She wanted every inch of him inside her and she wanted to savor every second of this first ingress.

He vibrated beneath her, but remained still other than a few whispered profanities as she settled herself down on him. She swirled her hips, gripping him tight so he threw his head back with a tortured groan. The long line of his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing, begged her to kiss and bite.

“God, Candace. Please.” He bucked, driving him just a little deeper.

She leaned forward to press her lips to his and breathed her words against his mouth. “Begging, are you? Well, I’m more than happy to fuck you just as hard as you fucked me.”


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    Love button! Love button! I want a love button for this post. Not a “like” button! Love Button! This was goooood! Thanks for continuing this story!

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