Stories I Create On The Train

Note: I got so excited writing this. Something about this girl…

There she is again. Big, Beautiful, Sexy Woman.

I hadn’t forgotten about this curvy beauty, but seeing her again sent my mind to wandering on my morning commute to work (yes, I’m thinking naughty things as I travel half awake to work).

She’s probably 5′ 4″, maybe 5′ 6″, with dark hair pinned up in the latest feminine style. Her eyes (I wish I knew the color) are closed behind a pair of small wire frames. Her blue scrubs are tight on her frame and I refuse to speculate about her weight, but I will, I do speculate about how she’d look in leather.

Why the thought of her in leather turns me on I don’t know, but I want to see her plush body covered in it. It must be the shiny, wet kind. A cat suit with a bustier that lets her amble breasts spill out. Oh, I bet they’re milky white and they’d bounce as she moved. All of her would jiggle and bounce as she moved and something about that excites me more.

She’d look perfect with a flogger in one hand and a leash attached to a muscular, collared man in the other. Her nails painted a bright red to match her lipstick and her dark hair spilling like a black wave around her shoulders. She’d stand like a queen in her stiletto boots. So sexy… So damn sexy.

Watching her play with the slave at her feet would make me so hot. He’d harden the second she beat him with the flogger, adoration and desire reflecting in his eyes. She’d only let him cum after he spread her fleshy thighs, bringing her off with just the point of his tongue. Her back arching, her belly tensing, her thighs quivering.

She’d reward his eager service by letting him slide deep into her tight cunt. And never would a man be more grateful for her wet heat and her soft body…

She’s off the stop before. To work, I presume.

Damn sexy to think about as I hop off at the next stop and head to work myself.


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