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Note: this was originally in first person because I often fantasy about this. Me, naked over a desk with a nicely dressed man taking me from behind. I changed the pov for a host of reasons, but figured it would be better like this.

This’ll be quick, you and her. A thirst you need to slack before you both go your separate ways again.

It’s the end of lunch. You’ve got a pile of work and her pretense of needing help before her next appointment will only work for twenty minutes. Your secretary is nosy and would be quick to tell your wife.

She enters and turns the lock with a click, her fingers going to the buttons of her blouse the moment it sounds. “Where do you want me?”

She knows the answer, but she asks anyway because she wants to hear you say it. Tell her where and how you want her.

You push back from your desk, and as she steps closer she can see your cock tenting your dress pants. Your eyes track like lasers along the line of her body as she takes off more of her clothes. Brown breasts, berry colored nipples, round tummy, thick thighs, long legs, naked mound, and high-heeled shoes.

She watches you stand, admiring your body in your suit. You unzip, releasing your cock for her eyes and she smiles that smile you love. Ready for her, always hard and ready for her.

“Over the desk.”

You don’t give her a chance to comply. The moment she steps close you pull her forward and position her so her front drapes over your papers. Some crumple beneath her breasts, some fall to the floor, all are forgotten.


You demand and she complies, lifting to her toes so her ass is high for you. She groans, and it’s that groan that says she’s open for you, and seeing everything makes you so hot.

“We can’t keep doing this. This’ll be the last time.”

Even as you say it your hands are parting the cheeks of her ass, your eyes are taking in the wetness coating her lips, your cock is ready to spread her wide.

“Then make it count.” She lifts higher, wiggling and offering you exactly what you want.

You groan this time and she grips the edge of the desk as you find her entrance and move inside her. Mmm, she lets you know how much she loves the stretch and drag of you as you cut to her core. She is wet just for you, so wet for you.

“Just one more…”

Your jagged breathing, your pulsing cock in her heat, your tight grip as you take her from behind makes you wonder if once more will ever be enough.


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