Images In Grey

Finishing up a night shift. So very sleepy I am.

Prompt from Five Sentence Fiction, photo as well. Words from The Sunday Whirl.

Prompt: Shadows


Two ships at ports opposite, transparent with their billowing sails, at the end of their journeys harrowing, and set to pass by one more time

They glide toward each other at a slower march, an oath of shared aches and pains echo forth

Age had dimmed beauty to a thin memory, but their rare vision saw that splendid grandeur

Twinkling gazes connect like dancing shadows on eyes and on walls, and marrow deep is their picture of youth

They borrow knowledge from years of toil and hold tight to shared joy until into the light they go


  1. Spider42

    One of your most thought provoking and deep pieces, at least that I’ve seen. Nicely done.
    I could safely see that last line either eliminated or in need of some rewriting though.

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    1. Post

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