The O of Her Mouth

I try to write things from the male POV.  I lack the parts necessary to truly understand, but that doesn’t stop me from trying it. 

It started as a story about a man’s infatuation with an imperfect woman (something sweet). Of course, my mind turned it into something not so sweet.  Not the best I’ve written, but I always like to show my work even if it’s not fabulous. It could use a high shine, but I’ll leave you with the sketch. 

Mature content

Her features weren’t classic or striking; she was a perfect woman God’s hand had altered slightly.  Eyes a touch too big, nose a touch too long, mouth too full for her face.  Her breasts barely filled your palms, her hips looked boyish with so little curve, and her limbs seemed to stretch on forever.  She wasn’t perfect, but I couldn’t get enough of her.  Or I can’t get enough of her mouth at least.

It was innocent the first time I meet her. Almost not worth noting, but it was the initial moment of my addiction to her.

She walked into the cafe on the first sunny day of spring, her long hair piled high.  I wouldn’t have noticed her except she bumped into my table and knocked my fresh latte all over my papers and on my lap.  The liquid seeped through my khaki pants, straight to my skin, singeing me.  I pushed back so fast I toppled my chair into the table behind me.

“Oh! Sorry,” she yelled, her hands going straight to my crotch. Her fingers moved over my flaccid cock like she was taking measurement. To my embarrassment, the monster reacted to the heavy petting. “I’m so clumsy sometimes.”

“I’m fine; no big deal.” Knowing I needed to extract myself from the situation, I brushed her hands away and took a step back. “Nothing a wash can’t fix.”

I blinked as she bent over to stare at the stain, muddy brown on my beige slacks, giving me an unobstructed view down her tank top. Blood rushed from my head to my pants, short circuiting my mind on its descent. I froze, my cock pressed too obviously to the front of my slacks, but I just couldn’t move. She tilted her face up and her expression surprised me; it was sweet and open, with something devilish simmering just underneath.  She smiled that apologetic smile, and something tightened in my gut.

“My place is around the corner. I can wash your pants…” The uncertainty on her face pushed me into following her when it would’ve been just as easy to head back to my apartment.

Her size-of-a-shoe-box studio apartment contained nude paintings, abstract sculptures, and unidentified pieces of art. Should’ve figured her that type with her flowing skirt and willowy figure, but my mind – or my dick, rather – found her breasts more fascinating than the things we didn’t have in common.  I’d never felt more out-of-place, but I let her lead me into the cluttered living room.

“Pants off and I’ll take care of you.”

Just the way she’d said it… I swallowed, shifted from foot to foot and after a moment kicked off my shoes, and unzipped my pants.  I’ve never been an awkward person, but something about her stare unsettled me.  Her eyes glued themselves to my crotch, a half-smile on her lips like she was waiting for something. While I felt shy, my cock didn’t share my reluctance.  It hadn’t dropped from attention since the first moment she touched me.

I quickly sat on the couch the moment my pants were around my thighs, pushing them down only after I was sure she wouldn’t get a show.

“Back in a jiff!” I couldn’t even meet her eyes as she snatched the fabric from my fingers.  “Want anything to drink? Smoke? I’ve got some stellar weed in my bedroom.”

She was gone and back before I could think of a reply.

The air thickened the moment she perched her skinny behind on the couch beside me.  It was like a couldn’t breath, the brush of her bare shoulder against my arm messing me up.  I willed my body to relax, but the tent in my boxers was hard to ignore.

Her warm palm settled on my thigh and then slid up my leg, burning me a little on its assent. “Look… What’s your name?”

“Brian,” I croaked as her fingers traced along my bursting shaft.

“Brian.” I blinked as she gripped me.  “Your boxers are a little wet and I think it would probably be smart if I threw them in the washer before the cycle gets going good.”

She inched them down my hips, urged my bottom up, and slipped them off like she did it every day.  And she could have because I’d never had a random woman get my half-naked faster. I was coming to the conclusion that she’d worked some kind of magic that rendered me stupid because I could not seem to think as she moved to the ground in front of me.

“Um… What —”

“Ssh, I’m taking care of you.”

Her small hands circled me, holding me tight. Just the feeling of her touching me shut out any sane thought I might have had.  I watched mesmerized as she pumped up and down, her fingers swirling around the head.  My breath caught in my chest when she leaned forward and swallowed me to the root.  She nosed the curls at the base then pulled back and licked tip. She winked at me and dove back down.

I didn’t even know her name, but I couldn’t form words to ask her.  All I knew was the wet suction of her mouth, the teasing rasp of her tongue, and the amazing friction of her hand.  She played with my balls, tugging and fondling the way I liked, and I thrust deeper into the warmth of her.  I’m not sure I’ve had sex as good, but she was blowing my mind as she blew me.

She bobbed up and down, her eyes locked to mine.  There was no innocence in those dark depths; she knew what she was doing.

It was hard not to bury my hands in her hair as the pleasure soared higher, harder still not to thrust as hard as I could.  Just the sight of her eyes watering as I pushed down her throat made me crazy. She made me crazy.

I wanted to watch her face as I came, watch as she swallowed. I wanted to overflow her mouth with my spunk and watch it dribble down her chin to drip on her chest.  I wanted her to lick me clean with that dangerous tongue of hers, and then suck me until I was ready to take her pussy.

That thought brought me right to the brink with a pained groan.  I held her head still, my cock pulsing at the back of her throat, as that telling tingle surged from the base of my spine. With a grunt, I shot into her waiting mouth. I jerked and shuddered and spurted like a fountain, and she took every drop.

I felt totally drained after.  She must have sucked my life force down with that load of come. And, God love her, she licked me clean and kissed the end of my cock like it’d made her happy.  She certainly made me happy.

“What’s your name?”

She wiped a hand across her lips.  I wanted to kiss her, but didn’t have the energy. “Sunshine. Nice to meet you.” She winked at me as she rose to her feet.

What a shitty thing to base a relationship off, but I couldn’t walk away. I couldn’t get enough of the heat of her mouth, and I found myself coming back for more. And maybe that’s why she did it.  Maybe the cafe accident was intentional, her way of snagging me, but I don’t care at this point.

All I cared about was her mouth.


  1. filledandfooled

    Hmmm, you know, like him, I am finding it hard to form words.

    That was arousing.

    I’m trying to figure out if I like it more because I know you are a woman writing as man, or if it was Yes I like this very much, ha! Inspirational! 😉

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I guess either would work. Lol. It’s fun to pretend I understand the sensations even though I know I don’t have a clue. It could definitely use a polish. Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

    1. Post
  2. Nick

    From a man’s point of view…it is polished well enough!

    I am always amazed by the guile women bring to these situations. And how we men almost always fall for it. A little introspection reveals that you girls had these things planned well in advance, even before we had ordered the coffee, we are just a pawn in your game. In your lovely game…

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      1. Nick

        I was seduced to follow from your comments on that other honey trap, LSAM.

        And I find so many friends here already:-) Hi Dawn! Hi G!

        1. Post
      2. Nick

        This is a bit of an after thought, or after-realisation.
        And a pretty big step, as I don’t know much about your real life and personal situation, partners, preferences etc.

        “but I’m not that brave.”
        Do you think you use your writing to work through situations you would like to try, if you were a little more confident with yourself?
        Having written them out, do you find yourself more wiling to try some of the things that your characters have done, possibly as your proxy?
        Personally, I have played in my mind and written through scenarios, including some real life ones, and worked on how things could or should have worked out. Sometimes these have given me insights into what was actually going on, things I did not realise at the time.

        1. Post
          Cara Thereon

          I’ve noticed since I’ve started writing I’m more inclined to say or do some things I wouldn’t have before. Writing is my way of working out every fantasy in my mind no matter how depraved it is. There are many things I just can’t or won’t do, but my characters always will. They aren’t me, but they act out that small part of me that needs expressed.

          Do you write? I would love to read some of your stuff.

      3. Nick

        You certainly seem to have worked out some interesting things in your stories, like the one today. That was nicely rounded, very human. I hope you manage to tell us some more about what these characters get up to.

        I’m afraid I don’t have a blog so I can’t point you at any of my musings.

        1. Post
          Cara Thereon

          I’m a closet kinkster with no outlet. There are things I’m considering following through on when I move, but we’ll see. I’ll have to consider telling more of their story.

          Would you ever be interested in guest posting? I like opening my blog up to people to share their writing. Gives readers something other than my stuff to look at.

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  3. Spider42

    Gotta admit, I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would, not because of the sexual content as much as the interaction and in particular what an unpredictable and interesting character Sunshine turned out to be – given the right kind of story/setup and she’d be the perfect femme fatale almost! 😀

    1. Post
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