Wise Woman

A closer glance revealed the lines of age on her face. When she said she had grandchildren, I didn’t believe her at first, the truth hidden by the sultry and vivacious nature she had on full display that night.

I see it now though

She danced like a woman full of passion, the sway of her body beckoning men half her age convinced they could teach her a thing or two about life.

“Let me show you what I know.”

It was clear to me I was the one who would learn.

As she rose above me, age and wisdom blazed from her eyes. She lifted her hips, letting my cock slip out until only the tip was held within. When she dropped down, swallowing me whole, she was in complete control of her pleasure.

Knowledge etched lines beneath her eyes, beside her lips, and between her brow. Her long nails dug in my chest, leaving gouges as she showed me how much she knew about life.

Rising and falling in an ancient rhythm, she wore her age like a warrior. I was full of respect, arching up to feel the full weight of her wisdom. Thrusting up, I find an understanding only her tutelage can provide.

I spill, holding her hips down tight. As she smiles down at me, her body holding mine, I see that age and beauty can bring more pleasure than youth will ever know.

The lines on her face reveal her age. The movement of her body bestows wisdom upon me, and I can do nothing except learn.

Cara in a pink bra and black leggings, down on all fours on a bed in post titled Wise Woman


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