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Bits N Boobs

Cara kneeling down while Daddy strokes her back

Count down until 2018. Where did the year go? I suppose it’s time for some sort of year-in-review. I’m not the best at reflecting, but find that doing so makes for a better outlook on the coming year. The hard part is remembering the things that happened through the year. There’s my usual things and …

Silly Girl

Cara, naked and reclined, shot from the right side so her whole torso (and her nipple ring) shows in post titled Silly Girl

Day 12: 500 words and something short. – She was feeling so silly tonight and found herself wiggling in her spot on the couch. “Can you put on some music, Daddy? I’m feeling dancy.” “Dancy? Silly girl can’t keep still.” He chuckled at her wiggling. “Go get your ears while I pick a station.” She …

Sharp Edges

Cara in a red dress, bent over so her bum shows

Day 8: (in just before midnight)  1123 words. Entry for KOTW -cutting/tearing off clothes. – Kitten watched him play with Summer, a deep fascination overtaking her as she cuddled with a blanket in the corner by the heater. She’d had her play with Daddy and was coming down from her high. Her bottom throbbed nicely …