Boxed up

Kitten kneeling by the window with her bum in the air

He tapped her cheek until she lifted her head and then prized her mouth open to insert the ball gag.

“So you’ll behave today?”

She looked away, her lashes fanning over her mascara stained cheeks. He traced her stretched lips and smiled at the drool already forming.

Circling her slowly, he took in her predicament. Another form of perfect torture he’d devised. He’d lead her to this spot, pressed a hand to her back until she was on all fours, and secured her in the box. Her bare ass jutted from one end and her head from the other, trapping her middle so moving wasn’t an option.

The way she wiggled was enticing. The box put her at the perfect height for him to touch her how he wanted. He trailed a finger from the small of her back down along the curve of her ass. It was an ass he could fuck or cane, both ideas appealing to him.

His gentle touch made her shiver. Her muscles flexed causing the pucker of her asshole to wink and a tiny dribble of arousal to escape from her cunt.

“Do you know what I’m thinking, kittencunt? Do you know what I’ll do to you now that you’re boxed in?”

Her shriek when he pinched her cheek made him smile.

When he stepped away, quietly gathering what he needed to tease his girl, she began a low whimper. It made him chuckle how easily anticipation made his kitten lose control. He wouldn’t correct her for it, knowing how punishing the coming task would be for her.

She jumped when he tied the rope around her waist.

“Settle, kitten.”

Looping the rope around and down the crack of her ass, he grabbed the Doxy and pressed it into her clit, securing it in place by it’s head before securing it on either side of the box with a few knots. He hadn’t even turned the wand on and she was already vibrating.

The loud hum of the motor filled the room and a beat later came her almost panicked groan. He moved back around to see her face, his hand moving to the fly of his trousers. Lines of concentration had formed on her forehead, her eyes closed tight and drool dripping from her lower lip, as she tried to control her reactions.

He watched her for a moment longer, his cock growing as he took in her struggle against that first orgasm. He stroked her hair then wound one tight curl around his finger. The flutter of her eyelids and her garbled mumbling pushed him into unhooking the gag just so her could hear her beg.

“Don’t fight it, kitten.”

Her mouth and eyes opened wide seconds before a spasm overtook her. One hand flew to his buttons, releasing his cock. The other held her head steady as he guided the erect flesh right to the back of her throat.

“Suck. Keep sucking until you come again.”

Immediate obedience had him engulfed in the wet warmth of her mouth. The juddering of her body was like a rolling wave, making him wish he was deep in her cunt.

Perhaps on the third or fourth orgasm. She’d be very vocal then, still fighting the command to come. He’d put the gag back in and avail himself her other holes. Cunt then ass until they were both spent

For now, he enjoyed fucking her mouth and her tears as she struggled to submit.

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