The Smell of Pleasure

A side shot of Cara's puss with a little fur on

He could smell her cunt.

A cross of her long legs and her dress would billow, wafting the most delicious smell. His cock was half hard and quickly growing as she uncrossed and crossed her legs again. It was teasing him.

He’d stopped paying attention to the movie ten minutes ago. The slide of her thighs, the fabric of her dress, the beckoning smell of her cunt distracted him. It called louder than anything else in that darkened theater. Sound burst over the surround sound momentarily drawing his attention.

The voices on the screen faded away as he imagined the taste attached to that smell. Salty and sweet. The flavor intensifying as he licked at her, his tongue swirling around her clit until her thighs closed around his ears.

She shifted again and he groaned. He’d stiffened to full hardness now, pressing incessantly to his fly. To stop himself from touching her, he palmed his cock and shift in his own seat.

Turning back to movie, he forced himself to focus.


He glanced to the side to see her hand beneath her dress, there and gone in a blink. He saw her shudder and cross her legs again. The smell of her, so hot and familiar, intensified until he couldn’t resist.

Like a hunter, he waited for his chance.

When she uncrossed her legs again, he slipped his hand up along her inner thigh until he reached heaven. She froze, but didn’t move away. He cupped her there, letting that wetness coat his palm.

He moved so his middle finger circled her clit. She opened her legs just a little, allowing her labia to part as he moved his pointer finger in between. When it was wet, he used both to rub a quick pattern around her clit.

The groan was so low he barely heard it, but it was enough to move his hand down to cup her again. He was rewarded with the rhythmic spasm of her cunt and a gush of wetness on his palm. It was his turn to groan.

He removed his hand and quickly unbuttoned his jeans. Grasping his cock with one hand, he brought the other to his nose and drew in a breath. He fucked into his hand, the scent of her engulfing him, and thought once again about being buried between her thighs. His face covered in her come, the scent of her lingering. He sucked two fingers into his mouth and came with a muffled grunt, his jizz covering his jeans.

The pounding of his heart took forever to settle. He curled the hand he touched her with into a fist, using the other to tuck himself away and wipe up his spunk.

He whispered a thank you to the woman in the dark as the credits rolled and quietly left. The smell of her cunt carried him from the theater.

A photo of Cara’s naked cunt in post titled the scent of pleasure


  1. Elliott

    This story is a prefect example of why I like Masturbation Monday. On the hardness scale, this one is a 10. Such a realistic description of lust and masturbation not all writers achieve. As I read, I began to get that tingle in the middle of my cock that soon moves to the end, and as my penis swells my scrotum begins to receive that feeling as my ballsack tightens, and soon, breath quickening, that familiar ache of pleasure calling for release. And at the end of the story, a photo of you that was just as I imagined reading your story, Cara.

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  2. Indigo

    This is wonderful Cara. I read your opening(!) sentence in my email and had to read on. And I didn’t see the end coming at all I thought they knew each other before. Thanks for sharing this deliciousness.
    Indie xx

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  3. May More

    Beautiful Photo – and a fabulous descriptive tale
    I include smell in so many of my posts because it is such a powerful sense. My own sense of smell is acute – it has been said that those who have a strong sense of smell like a lot of sex 😉

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  4. Posy Churchgate

    Epic Cara! Very erotic! You tell so such in your shorts – I am in awe. I too supposed they knew each other because you referred to a familiar smell, but of course, in a generalised way I am sure women smell the same. I would definitely call this a 1 handed read – I support Elliott’s descriptive praise!

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