Hey, Jealousy

Spanked with red implement

I struggle with jealousy.

No, not that kind of jealous.

You’d think it would be, right? I’m currently in a D/s relationship with a man who’s married. Add to that the aspect of it being a long distance relationship where I’m obviously not there as often as I’d like. Recipe for jealousy? Not so much.

Jealous feelings are surprisingly quiet when it comes to that relationship. I thought I’d struggle with it because I’m not the center of things. I’ve been a little jealous when my friends have gotten other friends, but once I met the friends (of my friends) that disappears. It’s more the fact that I’m bad at making friends on my own. Another post all together perhaps.

If I dive deeper, there may be elements that lessen the likelihood of me being jealous. I’m not the primary partner so me being jealous seems silly. Also, TheDaddy™️ (sorry it makes me chuckle to call Michael that sometimes) is so incredibly good at being emotionally available. When I’m there I don’t feel the odd kitten out or like I can’t get what I need when I ask. It’s the one area I don’t feel like I’m competing because I get what I need. There’s nothing to be jealous of in my relationship with him.

But when it comes to my writing or other areas of my life? I’m a jealous witch.

This realization has been creeping up lately. This inability to concentrate on my own achievements because I’m too busy being jealous of everyone else’s.

Why am I not doing as well when I’ve been writing so long? Why am I not successful? Why am I not getting comments? Attention? Why did my submission get rejected? Why why why?

I want to be better, do better, be further than I am. I see and I compare, and I stew in the ways I’m found wanting. Suddenly I’m not good enough and it eats me up.

My issues with being jealous of others achievements came up on twitter. It sparked a good conversation from a lot of people. It also turned into a conversation with TheDaddy™️.

Measuring myself against others breeds dissatisfaction in myself. I should be thinking of and focusing on goals I want to achieve. It also speaks to my struggles with thinking of myself as a writer. More accurately, as a good writer.

I was not affirmed much through life, that lack of reassurance translating into confidence issues. It means I think everyone does it better. It means I struggle to promote because I have to work through the false thinking that I’m not good enough.

I do it in my job and I’ve done it in my love life. Because I’m not (xyz) I’m not enough.

It’s not true.

I started a Buy Me A Coffee account. That sparked some of my issues. Asking people to support me with something little as the price of coffee. Daddy reminded me that I started with nothing. A cup of coffee bought is a compliment just as a comment someone leaves is a compliment. I’m learning to be okay with someone saying my writing is excellent instead of brushing it off. I’m telling them they’re a liar when I can’t receive it for the encouragement it is.

The coffee is another way to say my content is appreciated. I’ll still be writing, creating, and posting. Turning my mind around to that, me still creating and allowing people to compliment that, will help me stop looking at it as “begging for money”. It’s another form of appreciation.

I’m a good writer. I’ll have to say it over and over until it sticks.

So I do get jealous, but I’m learning how to overcome that. The start is having a goal to focus on.

A couple goals for the next month:

Find one new publication to submit a piece of work.

One promotion tweet a week

Compliment someone else on their work (It isn’t only me that feels like this)

Here’s a stab at one of my goals – If you like the content I’ve put up here, would you consider clicking the link and buying me a coffee?

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

I’m going to try to refocus, but wanted to be honest with myself (and you). This is an issue for me. Maybe someone else too? It’s easy to compare, but I’m striving to remember it’s about doing better than I’m doing currently.

Spanked with red implement in post titled Hey, Jealousy

(For the spanking I’m sure I would’ve gotten if I would’ve been near Daddy)


  1. Dawn D

    I think you’re being very brave here. I’ll also say that I think you’re a very good writer (and hope you DO take the compliment for what it is). Your ability to make me cringe, feel ill at ease or hot and bothered is testament that your writing WORKS.
    I’m sorry about the coffee thing. I am not in a position where I can help with that. But I do believe you deserve all the coffees in the world!

    (as for affirmations… I know it worked for me. So keep repeating you’re a good writer every time you look at yourself in the mirror. It will eventually make it into your mind, then into your soul).

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      Oh I know money can be a constraint for some people so I don’t hold that against anyone. I appreciate comments also as that is just as valuable. A comment is a compliment and I’m very happy that my writing has an effect on you. Thank you!

      1. Dawn D

        And I JUST realised that your replies don’t show up in my reader/notification bar, so I had never realised that you may have replied!
        Sorry if I gave you the impression that I didn’t care to pursue the conversation

        1. Post
  2. S

    Ah man. “Comparison is the theft of joy” is always so frustratingly true.

    I know for me, I read my blog feed in an aggregator so I rarely have to visit a physical blog, which adds a barrier to commenting.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I know many people find it easier to digest blog posts not in the traditional means of visiting so commenting is challenge. A comment is nice when people are so moved.

  3. Sweetgirl

    It’s something that is drummed into us our whole lives …. How our achievements measure…. Did you get 10/10 in your spelling test? Did you get the required grade?

    It’s good that you have looked at this and decided that for you it’s a negative behaviour and that you’re taking steps to change it.

    Your writing is beautiful and I love reading it. Bravo. Be proud

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      You’re very right about that. It is a behavior we’re taught. I’m trying to minimize where I can. Thank you for reading

  4. Marie Rebelle

    I totally recognize these feelings, as I have them too from time to time, wondering why others seem so successful and I just cannot get the hang of things. I think setting goals, the way you have done now, is one way to be focused on something positive.

    I’m following in your footsteps and have created a ‘By Me A Coffee’ account. Now to be brave enough to put it on my site…

    Rebel xox

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      It’s sooo hard to kick those feelings. I had a very long talk with DomSigns about my struggles and he helped me make some goals.

      Put it up! You can do it

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  6. May More

    I so relate to this post in that i never seem to think my writing is good enough and when i read you saying the same it made me smile as you are one of my fav blogger writers. I just love your writing – how you manage to convey so much whether it be in a personal post or a fictional story.
    It is just fab that Michael manages to be emotionally available when u need him – I struggle in my life when someone i need to support me in this way decides not to be available.
    Great post Cara 😉

  7. Aurora Glory

    I think you were very brave to share this post. I think I am the opposite to you in that I get very jealous in personal relationships but I’ve never struggled much with it in regards to my blog.
    I think you’re a fantastic writer and I’m really glad the Smut Marathon introduced me to your writing, as before I had only seen your great photography through Sinful Sunday.
    Aurora x

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      Thanks for reading and got the compliment. I’ve loved your stuff for smut marathon. Watching you grow has been lovely

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