Savor each visit

Cara kneeling down while Daddy strokes her back

The kitten has landed. I repeat, the kitten has landed.

I meant to write this before I popped in for a visit, but my work schedule didn’t allow it. So here it is a day late.

Kitten does Daddy: in and out

This is a short visit. 11 too short days with him.

I see him pretty much everyday on Skype. It’s actually rare to go a full 24 hours without some kind of visual contact, but physical visits don’t happen for months at a time. It can be rough.

This post by Sex is My New Hobby is great for a lot of reasons. For the excitement you feel when you’re back with someone you adore, but also for that limbo feeling. That transitioning back, that battling travel fatigue, and being unsure of your place.

My libido has been wonky lately too. I keep meaning to write about getting my IUD replaced. The whys and the hows of that is important to discuss. Much of it has to do with my fears for the future of our government. It seems silly, but once again as a woman I have to do whatever I can to protect myself.

Anyway, the downside of the current IUD is my sex drive is crap. I’ve never been a particularly lusty lady with desire coming in waves around my period. Then I can take a while to get going and actually come once the desire is there. It’ll all die down pretty quickly after and I won’t think about sex again for a while.

Being in a long distance D/s makes that both better and worse. Better in that I have a healthier relationship with sex than I’ve ever had in the past. Worse because of the space between visits and how I don’t particularly want sex in between.

I find I don’t want to come either. Preferring getting revved up or edging. It can almost be too intense for me and then I’m floundering. I find not having to think about coming easier and then I can just enjoy the experience without fretting.

Then there is readjusting myself to submitting face to face. Again, while I give a lot of control to him even at a distance, I still maintain a fair amount of independence at home. Each visit is a realignment back into being his sub. Being more mindful, aware of my body in relation to his, and more aware of sex or sex to come.

I love him so much and savor each visit. Not for the food, but because I get to spend time with him. A visit is something special to look forward to and I’m going to enjoy my days here very much.


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