I’d been waffling about participating in January Jumpstart. Honestly, I’m still not sure it’ll happen, but here I am on January 1, 2021 making an effort.

I need to make an effort so this doesn’t die. No posts last month, didn’t manage to do a year in review (spoiler: 2020 was shitty), and I’m avoiding writing. Also, the later half of the year saw me not even trying to take care of my physical self. Not mindfully eating or taking any sexy pictures. I want to do better and feel better. I want to write something everyday so maybe I’ll stop avoiding this space. No big promises. Only a small effort.

Here’s to a marginally less shitty 2021 and more writing.

A peek of tits


  1. Mrs Fever

    Happy 2021, lovely.

    I think many of us are “trying” right now, and it’s difficult after 2020 being such a trying year.

    Whatever you decide to do (or not do) in this space, I hope it works out for YOU; it’s your corner of the cloud and only you need have any say in what you do (or don’t do) with it.


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