A Mouthful

A photo of Cara's naked puss

Needed to write. This was much filthier in my mind, but this is what came out

He relieves her of her jeans and underwear the moment she crosses the threshold.

“Let me shower first. I’m sweaty and gross.”

Pressing her back into the door, he brushes her hands away, blocking her attempts to hid the space between her thighs. He palms her ass and buries his face in her cunt.

“Wait.” Panic threads through the word, but he can’t wait. “I need to pee.”

It’s impossible to wait, he wants the taste and smell of her all over his face. She doesn’t realize how much he loves her smell. The curly hairs holding her scent so each breath he takes fills his head with her. Each time she tries to push him away, her hands pulling at his hair, he brings her closer and buries his nose deeper.

Tilting his head a little, he slips his tongue between her labia. The taste of her coats his tongue with each long lick he takes. He hums, digging his fingers into her ass and he sucking at her clit. Her quick cry is stifled as she stuffs her hand into her mouth.

“I’m going to…” Her words are halted when he sucks harder at her clit.

She’s close. He can feel it in the tremble of her legs and the way she pulls at his hair. Eager for it, he works his tongue harder against her. Laving and sucking, he pulls more cries from her.

When it comes, when she comes, she lets out a choked gasp and releases a stream of liquid that fills his mouth. It was so much, it dribbles down his chin and soaks his shirt. He rests his head on her thigh and savors the taste and smell of her covering him.

“Oh god, you should’ve let me shower first.” Her muffled words came from behind hands covering her face. “That wasn’t just a mouthful of cum you got.”

“I wanted you just like this.” Shrugging, he eases back from her, as languid as if he’d come himself. “You taste perfect.”


  1. David Mei

    Well written. I know that my Kitten’s scent is something that smells like home. And she says mine is security to her. It is interesting how a partner’s scent can be an attraction to some and others are neutral to distasteful.

  2. Mrs Fever

    My husband is all over the grubby/sweaty bits; he’s most attracted to me/my-scent when I feel the worst need to shower. So I was right there with you on this. 😉

  3. slave sindee

    oh my the memories that vrought up. i so loved her smell , taste and the moan.
    oh to have that again and again.
    Thank you

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