“Can you be quiet for me?”

His cock slid deep into her cunt and she barely held back her cry.

The way he spooned around her, lifting her leg to drape it over his thigh. She covered her mouth as he inched in a little deeper. Fuck, that felt good.

“Don’t want the kids to wake up again.”

His hand slipped between her thighs, cupping her vulva. He bracketed her labia and his cock between his fingers as they lay still. She could feel him throbbing inside her, the twitch of him as he teased her.

She squeaked when he slapped her clit. His whispered ssh blew across her cheek and ear. “Be a good girl for me. Good girls get to cum.”

He punctuated it with a hard thrust. Pressing her mouth closed, she stifled her cry. This was torture. He knew just the right way to rub her clit so she’d whimper and arch back into him. Each thrust was hard and deep enough that she felt it through her whole body.

“Do you want to cum?”

She nodded her head frantically, the need bubbling up like champagne. The desire to scream bubbled up too, just corked by her fist in her mouth. But he wanted to fuck the sound out of her.

He turned her to her stomach. She turned her face to the side, holding in her gasp as he repositioned himself above her. He spread her from behind and thrust into her. This time he didn’t go slow. The bed creaked beneath them as he fucked her harder. Her cunt squelched and their skin slapping filled the room with lewd sound. It was too much, the sound bottles in her throat threatening to spill out.


She couldn’t stop her low whine. Not when her cunt was already starting to spasm. Her mouth opened wide on a soundless scream and she came. It was the hardest she’d orgasmed in a long time, the restraint sending her soaring. She buried her face into the pillow as he fucked into her clenching body. His pace stuttered and then she felt the pulse and kick of his cock as he filled her up. She didn’t hold back her whimper this time.

With a sigh, he relaxed on top of her. “Good girl.”


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