A side shot of Cara's puss with a little fur on

“Spread your legs.”

She squeezed her legs together, unsure about whether she could actually do what he asked. The thought of parting her legs made her stomach flip.

Holding her eyes, he tapped her thigh with the cane. “Open.”

This time she shook her head. She couldn’t do it. Everything felt wrong down there and no one should see.

He tapped her again harder. A welt rose up on her thigh, sending a shock through her. It hurt, but her thighs stayed tight together. He grabbed her chin and tapped her other thigh.

“Do you trust me, love? Do you trust me to love and care for all of you?”


She winced. Yes, she trusted him, but…


But… she was scared. So scared she wasn’t perfect enough.

“Don’t be scared.” He whispered to her even as the cane tapped her thigh again.


Her thighs would be littered in welts, but she let the pain wash over her. It curbed some of the fear, tamping it down so she could really see the sincerity in his eyes.

“Do you trust me?” She nodded once. “Open your legs for me.”

Slowly she let them fall open, the welts pulling and burning. He laid the cane on the bed beside her and traced his fingers up her inner thigh while holding her eyes. She gasped the moment he touched her.

“Soft, plump, wet.”

Two fingers slid straight into her cunt, spearing her. Just him moving inside her, her thighs still burning, made her cant her hips.

“Wet and so soft.” He released her eyes to stare down between her lefts. “And so pretty.”

That made her tremble, sorrow wearing with desire. He knew her well though and rubbed at her clit as he continued fingering her. She moaned out her pleasure.

“Your cunt is so fucking pretty. Brown lips and pink center for me to look at. I feel you gripping my fingers.”

He leaned down to get a better look and she was so too gone to care.

“God, you smell amazing. I’m not sure I can go without tasting a cunt this pretty.”

Her indignant cry when he stopped fingering her made him chuckle. He’d give her what she needed. Pulling her close, he buried his face right into that wet cunt. This cry was anything except indignant. He glanced up at her when she leaned back, intent on her face as that lust clouded her eyes.

“You taste…” he licked her once. “Amazing.”

That anxiety was all but done as he enjoyed her delicious cunt and she received so much pleasure.


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