Be Nice

Naked Kitten Wearing her Necklace

No energy to write. Something small

He clicked the manacle shut and sat back on his haunches.

“You’re beautiful, you know.” He reached up to brush her cheek, moving his hand away before she could bite him. “Be nice.”

“Fuck you.”

When she lunged for him, her chains rattled. Her panting made her naked breasts bounce. She snapped her teeth at him and pulled at the chains, wanting to do even a small amount of damage to her. He stood just out of reach as she vented her rage with struggles and screams. After letting out all her anger, she leaned back against the wall.

“What are you going to do with me?” Her voice cracked, as if she knew exactly what he had in mind.

His answer wasn’t immediate. Instead, He followed the bead of sweat that tracked from her neck to pool in the hollow of he collarbone. He wanted to lean in and lap that sweat up.

“I’m going to use you and break you.”

The hitch in her breathing and the pounding pulse at her throat proved to be too enticing to stay away from. In a flash, he was crowding her against the wall, forcing her head to the side. He licked at her throat before placing his lips on that pounding pulse. She grew still the moment he sucked at it and for a moment he thought maybe she was coming to understand what her place was here.

He was attuned enough to move to the side so the knee she brought up hit his thigh instead of his groin. “Naughty girl.”

Opening his mouth, he sucked her skin into his mouth and then bit down hard. She screamed and wriggled in his arms, desperate to shake him off. He held on, sinking his teeth deep enough to hurt but not break skin. He wanted to break skin, he wanted to leave his marks all over her body. He’d do it in time.

Finally he released her and her body went limp. His teeth marks were deep in the side of her throat and so enticing. The voices in his head demanded he fuck her right then. She was naked for him, marked by him, and all his. He tuned out the voices and focused on what he needed to do. He’d make her need him, make her beg.

“I won’t hurt you now, but I will hurt you. You’ll learn that everything I do is for your good and my pleasure. You don’t know now, but you’ll learn.”

He kissed his mark before backing away from her. Turning on his heels, he kept his back to her as he crossed the room. Her screaming and cursing started the moment he moved away. He ignored it all, his mind on his plans for her.

“Good night.” Turning off the lights, he left her alone in the dark.


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