“Come here.”

His lips find mine as his arm circled my waist. This felt different than kissing my girlfriend, more intense. He tasted different, less sweet than her glossed lips. The hard cock pressed against mine and I found myself rocking into him as we kissed.

“Touch me.” His mouth trailed along my cheek to my ear.

When I hesitate, he takes my hand and curves my palm along his cock. He’s hard, thick and pulsing as I let my fingertips learn the shape of him. His teeth slide along my shoulder and I nearly come in my jeans. His mouth is once again at my ear, breathing all the filthy things he wants to do to me right into my mind.

“God, I’m going to fuck you.” His hand snakes around to squeeze my ass. “I want to breach the tight ass of yours with my cock and hear the way you beg for me as I fuck you good.”

I can only whimper as he goes on, my fingers flexing around him, desperate to have him skin on skin.

“You’ll whimper just like that, too. You’ll stroke your cock and push back into me each time I fill that ass. Will you ask me for my come, boy? Will you beg me to breed your hole until your own cock spurts like a fountain?”

I manage to release his cock from his pants and hold all the hardness in my palm. I want that, but he has a different plan. Pushing my hand away, he unbuttons my jeans and pushes them down until he has my cock in hand. He crowds closer and I feel the slid of his cock along the underside of mine. His grip tightens around us both and I nearly come out of my skin.

“Move with me.”

I obey, moving slowly so his cock slides down along mine and then back up. Our skin catches and I hiss out a breath. He lays his cheek beside mine and whispers more hot things into my ear.

“No, I’ll have you suck me before I fuck you. I want you drooling on my cock, spit wetting your beard and my pubes as you try so desperately to gobble me down. I’ll have to resist cumming down your throat.”

Gripping his hips, I find my pace increasing. Those images exploding behind my eyes. The way his hand grips me, the way his thumb rubs the underside of my cock, the way his skin slides like silk along mine.

“Please. Please fuck me.”

His hand is at the nape of my neck, holding me still so I have to feel every sensation. So I have to feel him.

“Cum for me first. I want you on my skin and then I’ll fuck you.” He seems to surround me and my balls draw up as I edge closer. “I want you to suck your own spunk off my cock. I want the taste of us both on your tongue before I push your face into the wall and fuck your ass.”

It was too perfect, too much. Our hips roll, our cocks slide, and the sensation mounting into I’m groaning low in my throat. Too perfect.

“Come on, let me have it.”

I explode then. My eyes squeeze shut, blocking out everything except the way his cock continues to slide up and down mine. I feel the spasm of my cock and the shiver of my body. I know a glut of come covered us both.

He seems to have more control than me because he stops moving, still big and hard. His hand tightens at my nape briefly before he moves it to my shoulder.

“Now. Now I get to feel that mouth on me.”

My legs are so shaky, I gladly go to my knees. Glancing up at him, his cock waving before me, wet and ready.

“Beg me.”

My mouth is already opening, but I lift my eyes to his. “Please fuck me.”

His hand sinks into my hair, tugging hard, and my flagging cock jumps back to life.

“You beg so pretty. You’ll definitely learn to love this.”

January jumpstart


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