Caught (3:1)

I ended the last part at a weird part in the chapter so this section is short. Sorry? It needs a bit more tweaking, but here it is as it is. 

He closed the distance between them with a few quick steps, caging her between his body and the wall before she drew another breath. The instant they touched, things felt so right. He fit them together from chest to hip, pressing the hard proof of his arousal in the vee of her thighs, forcing her legs apart to cradle him. His bracketed her hips, but didn’t touch her as he looked down at her, an unreadable expression on his face.

Hunter leaned forward, his nose brushing along her jaw line as he breathed in. Gazelle let her hands run up his sides, feeling the ripple of his muscles under her fingers. It was as though years hadn’t passed as they savored each other in silence.

“It’s like,” he started, his lips teasing her earlobe, “the only way you’ll stop is if I pin you down. You want it by force, don’t you, sweet Gazelle? You want me to tie you to my bed and taste your skin, then sip the honey from your cunt. Should I take the choice from you and bring out the cock hungry slut I know lurks inside you?”

That he knew her well was obvious. Gazelle loved being held down, loved feeling out of control, loved the way he split her wide with his body and owned her. It excited her to even think of him following through with his promise. He’d always known what she liked better than any other man. But she refused to be the only one out of her mind with desire.

Reaching between them, she caressed then squeezed him through the thin fabric of his pants. “Yours is the only cock I’m hungry for, you know that, Hunter.”

His teeth sank into her shoulder as he ground into her palm. The feeling of his tongue laving over the spot forced a moan from her throat. She tugged at the button on his jeans desperate to touch him, to feel that hard, hot part of him in her grasp. Before she could loosen the fastening, hands circled her wrists, pinning them to the wall by her hips.

When he leaned back to look at her, the blue was the darkest she’d ever seen them. He took her mouth in a hard kiss. “Not yet. You get this cock when and how I decide to give it to you.”

Gazelle felt a tightening in her stomach at the way he restrained her, commanded her. Ignoring the pull, she leveled him with a look. “And what if I don’t want it how you plan to give it to me? What if I want to find someone else?”

A smile tilted the corner of his mouth. “Because you won’t be satisfied any other way.” His smile broadened. “I’ll give you a choice though, but know which ever way you go there is no going back.”

Something like a premonition trickled across her mind. She eyed him before replying. “What are my choices?”

His expression didn’t change, but she felt his satisfaction. “You stay with me, and I make the decisions.” She opened her mouth and he cut her off. “Every decision, Gazelle. I tell you when, how often, and where and you agree. No questions. You’re on my time and I say when you come and how hard.”

He would own her, just like he wanted to before, but at least now she knew exactly what she was getting. She swallowed at the implications of that choice.

“And my other choice?” she asked around the lump in her throat.

It was a like a shutter dropped over his eyes. He released her arms, but didn’t step away from her. “You walk away for good and we never see each other again.”


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