Badly Behaved

A bit of Smut today. B is for Badly Behaved. This is a story I started in Zak Jane Keri’s workshop on Dicewriting.

Brett was fuming, but trying desperately to hide it from their guests. He plastered on a smile as a tiny, white haired woman approached him.

“Lady Margaret, lovely to see you so far out of the city.”

She began babbling to him, but his mind was on Sarah as she moved like a fairy through the ballroom. He watched her laugh at whatever insipid comment William Loving made to her, then grit his teeth as she pulled the Viscount of Riley out on the floor for an impromptu dance. The piano obliged and played a jaunty tune for them to dance around the floor to.

The room seemed to shrink as Brett watched them dance and smile. His clothes felt too tight suddenly. A steady throb at his temple made him grind his teeth harder, stewing over how little regard she had for their relationship.

The way men and women alike fawned over her every word. The way she had a smile for every person that entered her orbit. The way she touched them as though they were the only thing that mattered.

Sarah reserved those for everyone in the room except him.

One word of caution on his part had started this cascade. Perhaps, in hindsight, it had been more of a command. He’d demanded she behave, scaling back her usual gregarious self. Something about his request set her off. Refusing to wear his collar, she’d left the bedroom with a parting shot about him not trusting her and therefore didn’t deserve her obedience.

“Excuse me, Lady Margaret. I have a bit of business to attend to for a moment.”

Brett stalked toward his giggling wife. Sarah had become the center of attention in a group of four finely dressed men in attendance. Their rapt stares and roving gaze made him ever aware of the fit of her dress. He’d never begrudge her the plunge of her cleavage as her breasts were a beautiful sight, but the hunger in their stares tripped off a wave of jealous that had him picking up his pace.

She’d been irritable lately. He’d forgone play or any form of dominance outside of the collar because of her health. Brett hadn’t wanted to push her too much as she’d recently recovered from sickness. He’d also been worried about himself, whether they’d made the right choice by dallying in this as it brought forth some emotions he was still sorting out.

“Oh gentlemen.” Sarah tossed her long chestnut hair over her shoulder. “You should see the state I get in when I ride astride. It leaves me breathless.”

Holy hell. That seemed to make the men move closer at the way she touched her décolletage and fanned her face. She was going to cause a scene. Brett approached to her right, taking her arm in a firm grip and drawing her back slightly from the group.

“Gentlemen.” That was all the greeting they’d get, the slathering dogs.

“Lord Haverly,” she started, her green eyes sharp as she gazed at him from under her lashes. “I was just telling this lovely gentlemen a story about my riding.”

Never had anyone used his title with more disrespect. He maintained his smile, addressing the group and ignoring the daggers she shot with her eyes.

“I’m afraid Ill have to cut the lady short. We have some brief business that requires both of our attention.”

Brett led her away without waiting for a response. He was seething and needed to get himself under control before he addressed her bad behavior.

Nodding to guest, he steered her through the crowd and out into the corridor. She was stiff as he navigated them to his study, none of her warmth present as it had been in the ballroom.

Entering the study, he guided her inside, shutting and locking the door behind them. He leaned against the wood, watching as she paced into the room.

“Why are you angry?”

“Angry?” She turned and crossed her arms under her breasts so they lifted. “What makes you think I’m angry?”

“Sarah, don’t be silly-”

“Silly. Silly? Explain how me being the perfect host is silly? What is it that you do exactly?”

She was goading him. Brett knew he’d been gone lately on estate business, but it wasn’t like he’d left her there to run the house.

“You barely touch me, hardly look at me. You’ve not slept in our bed in weeks.” She paced toward him, anger radiating off of her.

Brett swallowed at that. It wasn’t as thought he didn’t want to, but loss of the baby, and how ill she’d become, had thrown him. It made him feel weak in a way he’d never felt in his thirty-four years. Perhaps he’d been avoiding her.


She cut him off by poking at his chest. “No, no ‘Sarah’. No excuses, tell me the truth. You’re going to divorce me.”

“Divorce you?”

He was stunned. That had been the furthest thing from his mind. He wanted her desperately, but fear held him back. He wouldn’t dream of setting her aside.

“Lady Rachel.” Her face twisted. “For that bitch who always pops up near you. Who always seems to be in your arms. Perhaps she’ll wear your collar so you can fuck her.”

Lady Rachel? While she was beautiful, he’d paid zero attention to her since marrying Sarah. He’d run into her a time or two of late, but all he’d done is assist her. Nothing more.

“You’re seeing things. Don’t be silly.”

He’d taken the wrong tone and knew it by the look on her face. What he didn’t expect was the quick dart of her hand as it connected with his face. They both stood in stunned silence at her actions.

That was it. He’d had enough. Letting her attitude continue, not coming back to their marriage bed. All mistakes. All things he’d correct right now.

Brett advanced on her, forcing her to backpedal. He moved into he had her backed against his desk, trapping her body between his arms.

“I’ve been woefully negligent in my duties, Lady Haverly. I see now what I need to do.”

Her green eyes were wide as she stared back at him. Breasts heaving, she looked up at him both nervous and excited.

“What?” She squeaked.

Instead of telling her, he spun her around and bent her over the desk. Flipping up her skirts, he exposed her bottom. Searching through her drawers, he released the string and dropped them so her backside was bare.

“What are you going to do, Brett?”

Oh the breathy way she said his name made his cock harden in his trousers. All her attitude, all her mouthiness. He’d give her exactly what she wanted.

The sound of his hand landing in her ass filled the room. She jumped and stared back at him over her shoulder, a flush on her cheeks.

“Brett?” That tremble he loved when she was aroused laced her voice.

He spanked the other cheek hard enough to make her squeal, and then smiled when she stuck her bottom back out for him. Five more strikes on each cheek, and she was panting and mewling for him.

Undoing his trousers, he released his cock and pressed himself against her warm flesh.

“Look at me, Sarah.” She looked at him with the softest gaze. “I’m going to fuck you and then we will return to the party. We will talk afterwards about me moving back into the bedroom. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He slid a hand up the inside of thigh and she parted her legs for him. Her cunt was wet for him as he eased inside, gripping him tight the moment was seated deep. Their groans mingled in the air when his hips settled against her.

When he pulled back, she moaned. It had been too long since he’d been inside her. Way too long.

Letter B for the A to Z Challenge


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      Cara Thereon

      It’s a poor approximation of the good stuff. If I had more time to research correct garb, I’d have done a better job. Thank you for your comment

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    Deliciously dealt out punishment. I wasn’t sure until he unlaced her undergarments that this was a ‘period’ piece. Loved the dynamic – I hope we meet these 2 again.

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      Cara Thereon

      Yea in hindsight, I didn’t signify that. I dropped you in midway and am terrible at describing clothing. If I revisit this, I will work more of that in

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