Wear those shoes

She’s a pretty one, ain’t she?

All that long dark hair and her hypnotic eyes. You haven’t even seen her tits or her ass yet and you already wanna fuck her, don’t you?

Wait a minute though, it gets better.

Watch her dance. The way her she moves to the music does something to every man in the room. Never seen so many tented trousers.

The lights dim just so, the music is a thing you can feel in your chest, and she becomes this creature that steals your breath.

Her hips sway to the beat, twisting and dipping so seductively. She’ll catch your eye as she twirls around the room, looking at you with such longing that you swear to god she wants you out there dancing with her.

A fucking siren, that one. You’d gladly die to taste her lips. God damn, I know I would.

Wait a minute…

Let me introduce you. No, I’m not joking, she’d love to meet you.

Follow me.

No, man. This will be so much better with the lights low.

Here she comes. She’s a fucking vision, isn’t she? Told you she was a knock out. All of her is as real as it gets.

Oh, you’re about to get a show. This one a little sexier. This one will get you up so fast and then send you straight into the ground.

Trust me, let her leave her shoes on.

Go on, man, touch her. Told you those were real, didn’t I? Weigh ’em in your hands and tweak those nipples. Berries you just need to taste. Do it man, pop one in your mouth. Fucking hell, that moan.

Hold on, let her dance for you. Really dance for you.

Can you feel it? Ha! I thought as much. Got your dick out before your trousers strangled it.

Look at her move now. The way her tits and ass hypnotize you.

You want me to leave buddy? She’ll really polish your knob. Ah, don’t be shy. If you wanted to get her alone, here’s your chance.

I’ll leave you to it. Couple of minutes and she’ll really show you what it means to die.

Oh, she’s eager tonight. Guess I don’t need to leave.

Don’t struggle, chap. Let her do her thing and you won’t regret it. Well you might, but this will be over too quick for it to matter.

You always makes it good for them. Always.

He’s dead, love. Leave him and someone from the club will clean up. Just wipe your face before you go back out on the floor. Can’t have blood all over your pretty face.

Yes, I know you’re hungry, but you have to pace yourself. Dance for me tonight and you’ll get plenty more.

Make sure you wear those shoes. It always makes them go wild when you wear those shoes.


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