Don’t hold back

She woke with marks on her body again. Painful marks that ached.

Groaning, she rose from the bed, her hand going first to her cunt and then her breast. She traced the scratches that ran down to her areola.

The scratches on her inner thighs had barely healed and now there were new ones.

The glare of the bathroom lights made her grimace. When she blinked the spots from her eyes, she assessed the damage. They were deep, angry red lines backed with bruises.

He was going to kill her if she didn’t do something soon.

Come back to bed, friend.

His voice, a sweet soft whisper in her mind, beckoned her back. She ignored it, reaching into the cabinet for triple antibiotic ointment. A sharp spasm hit her brain nearly doubling her over.

The ointment fell from her hand to the bathroom floor. She gripped the sink just to stay upright as the pain moved from her brain down her spin.

I said, ‘Come. Back. To. Bed.’

There was nothing sweet about the voice in her head now.

“Okay.” She sagged along the sink, nearly falling to her knees.

Swallowing hard to ease the dryness in her throat, she cut the lights and returned to the bedroom.

It was dark, morning light unable to pierce the darkness that seemed to shroud the bed.

“I have to go to work.”

So spoke the words as she climbed into bed and back under the covers.

Not for another hour. This is my time for cuddles.

She moved onto her back and waited for him to come near. Ultra soft fur brushed her side and she shuddered. The contour of a plush form moved against her until it was molded along her body.

Hold me.

At his command, she rolled to her side and brought him into her embrace. Floppy arms and legs, a short plush snout, and cool plastic buttons pressed into her front. She closed her eyes and prayed he let her hold him. When sleep threatened to descend, she whimpered with fear.

You always whimper right before I take you. That’s my favorite sound you make.

Sleep crept in slowly even though she fought it. Fought to stay awake, but she could never fight hard enough. Soon she was in his world where he had free reign to do whatever he wanted.

And what he wanted more than anything, was to hurt her.

Her stood over her, his sweet teddy bear face an evil maw.

“My other favorite sound is your screams. Don’t hold back.”

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