Finding his fortune

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

“You can be granted any wish if you climb witch hill at midnight on All Hallows Eve

But if you don’t pass the witch’s test, she keeps you forever”

A bit of a quest and he could use something to get his mind off his current misfortune. That last hand of cards cost him most of his money and also a brush with a disgruntled highwayman. No matter, he would find his fortune by conquering the witch.

He set off, uncaring about darkness and harboring no fear. The moon led the way, guiding his steps through the forest, casting his shadow on the ground ahead of him.

Determination drowned out the howls of the hounds that haunted the woods. It was a night where evil reigned, but he clung to what remained of his luck.

He could best a witch easily.

Darkness seemed to descend as he started the trek up the hill. The moon disappeared behind a cloud, leaving him with only a small path to follow up the steep incline.

Sweat dotted his brow when he reached the top, soaking his clothing but not dampening his spirit. The last bit was the most treacherous, thorns appearing out of nowhere to snag at his clothing. He could not be deterred.

The moon shone on the small cabin when he reached it. It buoyed him to find it, a bit of pep in his step that spurred him on.

She manifested the moment he stepped into the carefully tended yard.

Her beauty stole his breath. She moved toward him, full hips swaying beneath her close fitting red dress. His eyes were riveted to her breasts that threatened to spill from her top. Watching her approach left him frozen in place, his mind filled with thoughts of fertility and spilling his seed. His cock rose to answer that call.

“Why have you come?” Her voice floated to him on the breeze.

“I’ve come to find my fortune.”

Eyes brighter than the moon were fixed on him, drawing him deeper under her spell. Lips covered in black lifted in a secret smile.

She went from two arms lengths away to pressing her body into his. Her breasts were a source of temptation and his eyes fell into the depths of her cleavage.

“You have to pass the test.”

“Any test you give me I shall pass.” His confidence surged, outpacing his cock.

Her smile blossomed until her teeth glinted sharp in the light. He was too arrogant to sense the danger.

“Any test?”

She slid that gorgeous body down his, dropping to her knees before him. One long black fingernail scraped down the front of his trousers causing his cock to pulse hard in response.

“Can you make me come before I draw all the lovely seed from you?”

His confidence wavered just a bit before he reminded himself that he was the best. Of course he could, no woman or witch could resist him.

“You’ve never met a man as good as me, witch.”

Giving his characteristic smile, he grasped her long black hair and bore her to the ground. She spread her legs for him, her fingers parting the front of her dress so he had full access to her breasts.

With a groan, he sucked one hard nipple into his mouth. The taste of her skin, an intoxicating mix of salt and something exotic, sent a jolt to his balls. Each pull at her breasts made his hips buck wildly.

Her nails dug into his scalp, her lips ushering forth a eerie sound. He let her guide his head down her body. The honeyed scent of her was strong between her thighs and for a moment he thought he’d come from inhaling her alone.

“That mouth is talented.” She purred at him when he looked up the line of her body. Her eyes were bottomless pools that captured him. “But here’s where I need it the most.”

He forced a smile. “I’m happy to serve.”

Hungry lips latched on to her clit, his mouth finding it unerringly. One suck of her had him groaning with such raging need. A sliver of nervousness hit him, hastening him to press her thighs further apart and dive down to taste the wetness spilling from her body.

She keened, her hips rolling each time his tongue entered her. He reveled in her taste, drunk on her, but driven in his single minded purpose.

When she dug her nails into his scalp again, he nearly lost control. His hips ground into the grass beneath him, suddenly overwhelmed with the need to come.

“What a good boy you are.” She panted and moaned her praise. “Such. A. Good. Boy.”

She pushed his face into her cunt and he came unexpectedly with a muffled moan as he sucked hard at her clit.

The vibrations sent her over the edge with a keen that seemed to echo through the night. He heard nothing except his heart thundering as his cock spurted over and over in his trousers.

It wasn’t until it was over that he realized he’d failed. He felt her mental bindings settle around him, stealing away his will.

“It seems you’ve had a sudden change in fortune.”

She was no longer beneath him, but standing above him as he knelt in the grass. The wetness dampening his trousers disappeared and she smiled sweetly at him.

“I’ll definitely be putting your talents to good use.”

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  1. Jo

    This is SO hot!!! The line “He could best a witch” is horror movie-style foreshadowing, and I love it. The first image of her reminded me a little of a movie I loved as a teenager called Love at Stake – a parody of the Salem Witch Trials. Excellent story, Cara!!! x

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