Small Fry

Dribble, drabble? More of a flash today. Storyin12

His mother’s best friend had invited him along to lunch at the local diner. He’d known her for years and had always had a crush on her. They’re meetings were always innocent, but this meal felt… different.

She dipped the tip of the French fry in the honey mustard and brought it to her lips. He watched as she licked the sauce off and then sucked at the fry before it disappeared into her mouth.

Just the simply act of watching her enjoy her meal had him harder than he’d ever been in his life. He shifted on the plastic bench, worried he’d come in his shorts.

The slide of her bare foot up his calf made him jump. He coughed to cover his surprise and then nearly choked on his soda when she unbuttoned her blouse. Her arms bracketed her breasts, forcing them to nearly spill from her shirt. The pressure of his zipper on his cock was unbearable.

“You know what I love about fries, Luke?”

He lifted his eyes from her breasts, distracted by his desire to suck on her very visible nipples. They’d taste like candy, he was sure.

“What?” He croaked like a teenager.

“How salty and stiff they are,” she dipped the tip of another in sauce before licking it off. “And how good the sauce always tastes on them.”

He cupped the front of his jeans and stifled a groan as a tiny spasm sent a spurt of come from his cock.

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