Crossed swords

Storyin12 drabble

Greg seethed at the scene before him.

“Look.” Richard rose naked from the bed, not covering himself as he left a sleeping Suzy and crossed to Greg. “I didn’t know you two were dating.”

Richard shrugged his shoulders and ran his hand down his stomach. Greg swallowed hard, eyes tracking the movement.

“How could you, Rich…””

Greg pressed into the door as Richard placed his hands on either side of Greg’s head. Sex and sweat filled the small space between them, hardening Greg’s cock.

“Let’s not fight about it, Greg. I have a better way to work out our problem.”



  1. Elliott

    Now this is the way you write a drabble dripping with sex, Cara. Set the stage and leave it to the reader’s imagination. When you say, ‘ran his hand down his stomach’ I know exactly what he is doing and what Greg is looking at. Now a sequel when Suzy wakes up and sees them ‘in the act’.

    1. Post

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