Hotel Living

She loved staying in hotels. Loved the fresh white sheets, the free breakfast, the maid service, and not having to clean up after herself. Being able to fuck her husband on that king size bed was always a highlight of any hotel stay.

Five weeks of staying in a hotel with her three kids, two school age children and one toddler that didn’t sleep through the night, and her increasingly grumpy husband and she was done with hotel living. The opulent room was starting to feel like a closet.

They were clustered around a table at breakfast. One child was complaining loudly about a lack of sausage on her plate, the other was doing every thing except eating his pancakes, and the baby was mashing up oatmeal and tossing it on the floor. Her husband, Erik, was on the phone with the insurance company, trying to sort something out for the newest section of the house being repaired.

“The company you sent said they’d be done with the house by now. They haven’t even started on the flooring and I can see scorched marks in the bathroom. When are they going to be done?”

His jaw clenched and she felt that twinge in her cunt watching him speak. They hadn’t had a moment to themselves aside from one quick grope in the bathroom in weeks. Watching him speak, and use that voice on that phone, was making her parts perk up and take notice.

“For Christ sake, I want this done and done correctly. Either make sure your people do it or I’m finding someone who can.”

He hung up and sat his phone down with a click. She licked her lips, shifting in her seat. He chose that moment to look over. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye that made her heart speed up.

“Help me grab a waffle for Dylan.”

Erik stood up and made his way into the food area. She turned to Lily, trying to impress upon her the importance of staying put with a look.

“Do not move from this table. Keep your brother still and Shelly quiet. You’re my big girl, right?”

Lily perked up with a big smile. “Yup, mama! I’m your big girl.”

She figured they had the time it took to use the waffle maker before all hell broke loose, but she’d take whatever she could get. It wasn’t going to be D, but maybe after the kids went to bed…

Dashing away, she moved over to where the waffle markers were. It was tucked away a bit from the rest of the dining area and no one else happened to be interested in waffles. He stood leaning against the counter looking for the world like a very smug man. She sidled up beside him and then reached over to pour the thick batter into a cup.

“You’re very eager to get fucked, aren’t you?” He whispered words in her ear, causing the cup to wobble and spill some batter out. “I bet your cunt is dripping wet.”

She transferred the cup over to the hot waffle marker. As she poured the liquid on the griddle, his hand snaked around her front and slid between her thighs. Could he feel how slick she was? The burgeoning excitement over just having a simple touch had turned her to liquid. She shifted and stifled a groan, his fingers managing to find the part of her labia through her shorts and panties.

The timer counted down as he moved in closer and rubbed the crease of her shorts along her clit. She tried her damndest to keep from rocking her hips, but the span of time between when he’d last touched her outweighed her fear of being caught. They’d understand, surely.

“Less than a minute now, baby.” He whispered the words low in her ear. “Can you come before then.”

God, it felt like she could. She was throbbing with the need to come by his hand. It was that ever tightening sensation in her cunt that was begging to unravel into the best orgasm.

She leaned into the counter, eyes staring blankly at the red numbers counting down, hips wiggling. Oh, god, she was so damn close she could taste it.


The loud buzzing of the waffle marker sounding just as her sweet daughter rounded the corner made her growl with frustration. Everything below her bellybutton throbbed in time to her galloping heartbeat.

“Times up.” The way his breath fanned across her cheek nearly tumbled her off the ledge. “Maybe later.”

Erik placed a kiss on her jawline and turned to Lily.

“Mama is getting the waffle. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll get you more cereal.”

She opened the waffle maker with shaky hands and silently cursed her desire to every have children.

“Miserable little interrupting son of a bitches.”

Golden waffle perfection sat on a plate while her cunt communicated its lack of satisfaction. She hoped she didn’t have a wet spot, but she was sure if she waited long enough one of her children would spill something in her lap.

She made her way back to the table with a sigh. Erik sat wiping oatmeal off Shelly, that smug as smile still in place.

“Why are you frowny, mama?”

Her every observant middle child piped up, his lisp evident after losing another tooth. Dylan looked very concerned as he glanced from her to her plate.

“Don’t ya want your waffle?”

She wanted something, alright, and the fucking waffle was going to have to do. She heard the way Erik chuckled and realized she’d mumbled under her breath.

“I do, love. Just don’t think I got enough syrup.”

Dylan nodded as though he understood and went back to his food. She caught her husband’s eye, communicating much with a stare.

She owed Erik for that tease. No way was she going to be the only frustrated person in the room tonight.

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  1. Brigit Delaney

    I wish my libido had existed when our kiddo was little and needy like this. Likely, we wouldn’t have had the sexual issues we had if we couldn’t have managed moments like this whenever we could grab them. We are getting better at it, though.

    I applaud you for tackling this topic in a story. It’s hard to make the busy, stress of life sexy…but you managed.

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