Something I started 5 years ago that needs to be finished (one of many things I have hidden away). It’s worth posting here even if I don’t finish it. Be my motivation!

It was always the moment before his teeth sank into her throat that woke her.

She lay breathless, her heart racing. But it wasn’t fear pumping through her veins. No, arousal made her body throb.

Danni lay tangled in the sheets, twisted up by her nocturnal wanderings. After a moment her mind shifted back to her dreams as she relaxed.


She dreamt of him far too often. He was a blue-eyed specter in her mind, the ghost she only saw when she drifted into sleep. She always felt caught when he came to her, his power a tangible thing in that dreamscape. Fear never entered her thought, well never more than was enough to excite him. His hunger, the need of a hunting predator, always sparked her own. She would run, and he’d give chase through whatever realm he called her to.

At first, the dream appeared rarely. An occasional thing that felt more like a moment from a past life. Then it descended almost nightly upon her until she was in a constant state of need.

Danni moaned, the ache between her thighs impossible to ignore.

It was always the same in her dream; he’d pinned her to the ground, hips stacked so she felt the heat of his heat cradled against her, and then he’d tease her mercilessly with his hands and lips before scraping his incisors along her throat. She’d been desperate to feel him sink himself into her by then. Danni wanted fangs and cock buried deep, taking what she had to give.

Her hand skimmed down her belly and cupped her mons before she was fully aware. Just the pressure of the heel of her hand on her clit sent delicious sparks up her spine. No toys, she wanted to touch and pretend it was him caressing her skin to skin. Her dream lover devouring and staking his claim.

She floated in semi-wakefulness, the blue of his eyes encompassing her vision as her finger plunged into her slick pussy. The walls velvety soft as she stroked over and over. She longed to feel the sharp prick of his teeth, knowing that puncture would send her tumbling into an overwhelming orgasm. She rode her palm, tossing her head back and whimpering as the pleasure reached its pinnacle.

And once again the thought of her dream man penetrating her with his sharp fangs sent her tumbling over the edge. She barely bit back her scream as it washed over her. Like a tidal wave, his face in her mind’s eye, obliterating everything except the sensations pulling her under.

The intensity of it sapped her energy and she fell back into a dreamless sleep.

When Danni woke hours later it felt late. She rolled to her side, blurry eyes looking at the digital clock, but not registering the numbers. It was several minutes before the red glow coalesced in her mind.

“Fuck,” she hissed as she sprang from bed, dashing into the bathroom as if chased by the hounds hell.

It was 8:45 and she was incredibly late for work.

She stripped out of her clothes, cursing as she tripped over a shoe left in the middle of the floor. It was sheer will that kept her from falling to the ground. The last thing she needed was bruises on tip of being late. Tumbling into the bathroom, Danni rushed through the quickest shower of her life, the water on and off in under a minute.

It was a blur of getting dressed as quickly as she could, and was impressive that she made it out if the house in less than fifteen minutes. Traffic was blessedly light, but even with her efforts she didn’t hit her desk until 9:35; an hour and a half late.

“Oh, Danni.” Rachel appeared at her arm the minute she started logging in. “Missed the meeting this morning, but I saved you a bagel and took notes.”

A legal pad and covered plate appeared like magic on her desk. The tall redhead had been as blessing since the first day Danni started ten years ago at HR Communications. She could kiss her for her thoughtfulness. It was nice to have one friendly face in the coming shit-storm.

God bless Rachel for having her back or she’d be in more trouble than she was already in. Danni had a feeling the amount of trouble was already at max capacity.

“Plackert say anything?” She made a point to skim through her emails for anything pertinent.

“You were supposed to present something on the Thompson project today, remember?” The obvious sympathy in Rachel’s hazel eyes drew a groan from Danni. “He actually told me to direct you to his office when you got in.”

She was in deep shit. Mr. Plackert was fair, but incredibly stern. She wanted to whimper as she thought about the dressing down the older man would mete out to her soon. He was truly frightening when angry.

Danni was considering the best means for damage control when an email caught her eye. The subject was labeled Late Night?, and a shiver of premonition raced down her spine. She hovered over it, apprehension gripping her. It was silly, she thought, shaking off the weird feeling. Probably spam.

Before she could decide what to do, Rachel kicked her chair. “Plackert just stepped out of his office and is looking this way. You might want to head in before he has a melt down.”

The thought of that had Danni scrambling to her feet and straight to the corner office. Her legs trembled as she knocked tentatively on the thick door. It swung inward and she stepped through, shutting it behind her.

It was reflex to train her eyes to the lush brown carpet, her anxiety to great to even attempt meeting his gaze. She could feel the heavy weight of his censor without looking anyway.

“Wright.” He didn’t ask her to sit so Danni remained where she was. “You were absent at the meeting this morning. I don’t have to tell you how unacceptable that is, do I?”

“I’m sorry, sir.” She shifted, searching for an acceptable excuse, but not finding one. “It won’t happen again.”

She hated how her voice trembled, but her job was a little more important than her pride at the moment.

His grunt could’ve meant anything, but she wasn’t sure what. “I’m going to need you to pass the Thompson project off to someone else.”

That snapped her head up in confusion. His face was deceptively passive, but she didn’t miss the calculating glint in his ice blue eyes. Was it because she missed the meeting? She was usually prompt, today was a fluke.

Anger surfaced and bubbled up before she could stop it. “But, sir, I –”

Plackert cut her off with a raised hand. “Pass it off,” he barked. She snapped her mouth shut, knowing from his tone she was walking a thin line. “I need you to see a new client this morning. You’re to do whatever is necessary to land their business.”

Something fluttered in her gut, that shiver of premonition returning. She searched his face, the tension in his jaw making her nervous. She squashed the wayward thoughts creeping through her mind.

“I don’t understand.”

He narrowed his eyes on her as though trying to figure her out. “You will soon enough.”


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