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Deep Breath



It’s done. The questions, anticipation, excitement has all found an outlet. This is where I start the beginning processes for digesting what I’ve learned. I say only the beginning because learning takes times. So let me just give my knee jerk lessons.

1. I’m Happy

One of the things I was most looking forward to was meeting people I’ve “known” for a long ass time. There are people I’ve either followed for ages, adored the moment I started reading their blog, or admired for their (professional and online) writing skills.

This community, these people, were/are EXACTLY what I’d hoped they’d be when I met them. Funny, exciting, lovely, prolific, energetic, introverted (or extremely extroverted) people. They affirmed everything I read and reminded me many of us are real. We’re pouring out our everything on our blogs or on twitter, and who we are is coming across crystal clear. I just got a little teary being able to hug, and listen to, and fall a little in love with people who I’ve connected with online.

You, my online community, are special to me and I was happy to meet you. Know and believe, I will fight for you.

2. I’m Excited

I learned a lot about myself. No, I don’t know what I’m doing with my blog yet, but I feel like I learned a lot of things about getting on the path to that understanding. I feel like I’m on the way toward doing things I was too scared to do years ago, and keep doing the things that I’m unsure about doing.

I’m also excited to come back next year. To learn more, to see people again, and to see where I’ve come in that time. I hope I’ve come far by then.

3. I’m Scared

Weird to say this, but I’m also petrified. I’m realizing I’m scared to write some things.

Fiction is my niche, but people say they enjoy when I write non-fiction. I’m scared of writing my honest feelings or thoughts because I can’t control the response. I can be exceedingly honest in fiction and claim my fantasies behind the face of my characters. I cannot always do that in just an honest post. When asked, I’ll say I don’t know what I want.

I’m facing my fear. I’m going to make (or am being encouraged make) myself write more non-fiction. This is about being vulnerable in a different way. I will understand myself or will try to, and you will be party to that learning.

There’s my goal of trying publishing again. It’s a goal I come to and abandon regularly. I have a story or two that are raw pieces that I’ve never put out or only revealed in small parts. I’m hoping to keep trying to put more of my work in front of people.

4. I’m Nervous

I’ve been complimented on my writing a lot this weekend. It’s hard to hear though not as much as it was a year ago. I’m nervous about continuing or living up to that.

Reading was a stretch. I’m glad it went well. I’m nervous about putting things out people like and want to read. I’m nervous or worried about becoming or being someone prolific.

Can I perform?

Am I a writer worth continually reading?

Can I grow?

I’m nervous/worried the answer is no.

5. I’m Energized.

I want to do more in the community. I don’t know what that means, but I want to do more. I’m not the people in the front, the Molly or the Hy or the Kayla or the Emmeline, but I can be an advocate in this community like I am in my job.

I’m hoping to find my place in the community and help lift others up who need that boost. I’m encouraged, motivated, and energized with the idea of helping the community grow in a way that’s unique for me.

Eroticon was perfect. Not because it was perfect, but because it did its purpose. It made me think, it brought me closer to people I’ve known forever, and it made me smile.

I learned what I needed to learn for this point in my blogging life. Even though I’ve blogged for 14 years in some form, I’m still trying to sort myself out.

Hopefully, I’ll have things to share worth reading and you’ll come along with me.

Cara in Black tank and panties, leaning over with her hand down her panties in post titled Learning


  1. Cammies on the Floor

    I totally get the feeling vulnerable in writing personally, it was something I started switching to a couple of years ago and sometimes I hit publish to a post that I cannot fathom why I’m sharing because it’s so deeply personal.

    I’m so happy for you to have all these positive emotions and a call to action. You’re amazing, and I forward to reading more about the person behind the fiction

  2. Kayla Lords

    I. Love. You!! And I am so happy the online became IRL this weekend! I can’t wait to see where you go with your blog and what you do. I support you every step of the way and will help in any way I can.

  3. Elliott Henry

    I’m happy for you, Cara. I had no doubt this would be exactly what Eroticon would be for you. And having read your non-fiction pieces in other forums, you definitely have a gift so don’t be afraid to use it. Looking forward to seeing and reading the Post-Eroticon Cara Theron.

  4. Julie

    I think that the reason so many of us feel so exhausted right now is because Eroticon makes us look intensely at ourselves. It shines a light on who we ‘really are’, and makes us think deeply about where we want to go with our writing. I love that you are thinking about writing more personal stuff and I love that Eroticon released more positive than negative emotions. I just know you will go from strength to strength.

  5. Molly

    I am so sorry I am late to reading this. I have been a little busy 😉

    I am delighted that you found Eroticon so positive. You are an exceptional writer and I am looking forward to seeing where you go with it in the future


  6. Aku

    Sounds like a most interesting experience. Good for you that so much positive came from it.
    Truth be told, the parts about you as a writer and your hesitations and experience – that was quite deja-vu for me and I’m sure for many writers. No matter how different our genres, I think some things are universal for people trying to be a part of the creative fields.
    Clearly enough people love what you write and do follow you for it, so maybe give yourself a break and realist that it doesn’t matter that a giant crowd may or may not want to keep reading what you write – so long as there are some who get you and what you’re putting out there and come back for more, that’s the audience that really matters.

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