Does she know you’re here with me?

As I arch and scream, your hand covering my mouth and then tightening around my throat, I wonder. As your other hand grips my hip so hard I know I’ll have a bruise, I wonder.

Does she know how you fuck me?

You can’t pull her perfect hair, clamp her pretty pink nipples, spank her gym firmed ass, or press her professionally made up face into the sheets as you fuck her asshole.

It’s my cunt you seek.

Can’t mix romance and kink, can you? Not when you want to play the good man for your perfect girlfriend. You wear that smile as you pretend your urges aren’t foul and devious.

You cuddle her, the big spoon to her little one, but you truly fuck me.

You’ll mark my skin because you can’t mark hers. You’ll leave your come in my cunt because that’s too delicate for her. You’ll fuck my mouth and leave me crying and covered in spit because I can take it, want it even.

She’s your princess and I’m your whore.

You’ll go down on one knee and profess your love for her, but we both know exactly how hard you love to fuck me.


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