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Day 5: 701 words (unedited)

“On the bed, kitten.”

She fidgeted at the end of the bed, dancing from foot to foot. Her nerves were threatening to get the best of her and they hadn’t even started yet.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Let’s help you relax just a little.” He sat down on the bed and pulled her over his lap.

He helped her drape herself over his legs, tilting her bottom up a little higher and spreading her thighs so he had access to her cunt. Just being in that position eased away some of her anxiety so she could melt into him.

His fingers slid along her lower lips, dipping in between. “Already wet, kitten? I thought you were nervous?”

“I am, Daddy.” She squirmed a bit on his lap as he circled her clit. “I’m very nervous.”

He simply hummed and started spanking her bottom with slow, even strikes. The initial sting made her jerk, but she let herself find the rhythm. She slowed her breathing, let her heart rate drop, and let her body rise and fall.

Just when she was on the edge of falling into a total daze on his lap, he parted her cheeks and thrust two fingers deep into her cunt. She was so wet the squelch of him moving inside her filled the room. Her body woke up in a hurry, her hips bucking on his thigh in an effort to reach her climax.

“May I come, Daddy? Please?”

She writhed, dancing on the edge. She gave a throaty moan, planting her knees on the bed so she could arch harder into his fingers.

“On your back, kitten.”

She slithered off his lap to her back, spreading her thighs wide for him. It was difficult for her not to wiggle around, but she made herself wait patiently for him to touch her again.

“We’ll start slow, one finger at a time. I want you to breath through this, kitten.”

He circled her clit, teasing the button of flesh until her hips were dancing again. He kept a slow circle on her clit as he began thrusting one finger in her cunt. Two fingers were added, and then three. His fingers were thick, stretching her open, but still giving her pleasure with each thrust and swirl.

”Another finger. Breath for me, kitten.”

He slipped in a fourth finger and the stretch made her want to squirm away. He stopped moving and pressed her clit so her hips tilted up toward him.

“Stay with me, kitten. Right here with me, sweet girl.”

The fingers inside of her moved, her slickness easing his passage even if she wanted to shy away. The sensations, the beginnings of being too full and over aroused made her body too many things.

He pressed and stretched a little more until she was writhing again.

“Good girl. One more, you can do it. Open up for me.”

She wanted to scramble away, but her hooked an arm around one of her thighs holding her in place. If she thought she was full before, the way he worked his hand so his thumb found that small bit of space inside of her had her sobbing with confusing need.

“Play with your clit, kitten. I want to feel you come around my hand.”

He began thrusting his whole hand in and out of her, causing her thighs to shake


It was hard to tell what she was asking for as she sobbed his name. It was all too much just then.

“Let Daddy fuck you. You can do it, kitten, come like a good girl.”

She arched hard as she tapped hard at her clit and let his voice carry her over the edge. It exploded out of her and she sobbed with relief.

The removal of his hand sent trembles through her that she felt in her belly. She moaned, her body feeling so empty now that the moment was over.

He leaned down to give her a long kiss, wiping her face and cuddling her close.

“Next time, kitten, we’ll do that with my cock in your mouth.”

Something about that thrilled her to no end.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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