NaNo Report: Week 1

Just a recap so I can keep track of both my writing progress for NaNo and feel like I’m actually accomplishing things.

Theme: horror

Day 1 All Saints 1193 words

Day 2 Warm Body 505 words, Stepford Wife 746 words

Day 3 Skin Eater 875 words

Day 4 Don’t Tell 2012 words

Total for week 1: 5331 words

I picked horror because I’m no good at writing it. I tend to feel whatever I’m writing, if my mind gets into it, and I don’t particularly enjoy being scared. Shoot, I finished writing Don’t Tell and then was spooked for the rest of the night because I’m a chicken. Naturally.

Hopefully week two is as prolific as one was. I’m trying to be attentive of my original goal, which was writing something everyday even if my word count falls short. That’ll make the rest of the month easier to get through. No sweat, right?

Steady the course!

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