Stepford Wife

Story 2- 746 words

She heard the sound of his shoes on the hardwood floor and dropped to her knees on the rug. Her eyes pinched in confusion, but the skin smoothed out as her mind swam with thoughts of pleasing.

Her body was bare as was required of her when he wasn’t home, her thoughts focused solely on the next command of her husband.

“Tracee?” His voice caressed her name and made her cunt spasm.

“I’m in the living room, SirHusband.” There was a heavy moan in every word, her cunt already dripping from the sound of his voice. “I’m ready to serve you.”

He entered the room, undoing the top button of his slacks. Just seeing him with his hands so close to his cock flooded her whole body with hormones that made her shiver. She felt on the edge of coming and he hadn’t shown an inch of skin.

“Be a good girl, Tracee.” He gave his pants a pat.

Those words triggered a litany of thoughts that fell from her lips like water. Her brain took a backseat as she crawled across the carpet to him.

“I am a vessel to be used by my Husband. I am a cunt, an ass, a mouth for him to fill with come. His come is what I need for sustenance.”

She reached him, her fingers pulling at the zip of his fly as he pushed off his suit jacket. Her sigh of relief as she freed his cock trembled out of her. She placed her hands behind her back, opening her mouth and sticking out tongue.

He gripped his cock, rubbing the wet head all over her face and lips. He smirked down at her, his face dark with masculine pleasure at her mindless submission.

“I think your belly needs to be filled with come tonight.” He wrapped his other hand around the nape of her neck to bring her closer to his cock. “I think it’s time to put my baby inside you.”

The thought broke through the Lust. Her mind rebelled at the idea. A baby? She wasn’t ready for a baby yet. She had her career–

“Be a good girl, Tracee.”

This words, spoken in his deep voice triggered that same cascade of thoughts. Her mind turned over, warmth and need filling her as she melted into her husband’s touch.

“Don’t you want that, Tracee? Me fucking my baby into your belly? Your stomach big and you serving me on your knees. With your mouth, with your cunt, with your ass?”

“Yes, SirHusband.” A thrill moved through her at the possibility, all rebellious thoughts buried under the pull of his command. “You deserve to take whatever you want.”

“That’s my girl. Open up.”

She opened wide, keeping her mouth loose as he slid his cock to the back of her throat. He tapped her cheek and she applied the proper suction that he liked. He moved in and out of her mouth as she sucked, groaning as she hummed around him.

“To your knees, slut. Display.”

She turned eagerly, going to her hands and knees and then to her shoulder. Her hands reached back, spreading her cheeks so her dripping cunt was open to him. Her body trembled with desire and need.

“Fuck me, please, SirHusband.” Her voice dropped, the tone husky.

As he thrust deep into her cunt, her mind began her programmed litany. The only thoughts that circled were how much he deserved to own her body, how she was his fucktoy, how much she needed his baby in her belly. Nothing matter, not her career, not her friends, not her family. Those things hadn’t crossed her mind in months. Only him and how she could please him mattered.

“Fuck me,” she mumbled over and over.

“Such a good brainless whore.” He grunted the words out. “My good wife, taking my cock and my come.”

“Yes, SirHusband.” She felt her cunt spasm.

He yanked her up by her hair, enjoying the way her cunt squeezed him when he did. She was the perfect wife now. No more of that fucking nagging, bossy bitch she’d been not so long ago.

Her moan excited him, but not nearly as much as having her naked, pregnant, and barefoot. She’d have pitched a fit two months ago at the idea, but now she gave him a lusty smile and glazed look. He’d have to thank Pete for telling him about the training program.

He finally had the perfect wife.


  1. Dawn D

    This made me more than cringe, brought back memories of time now gone.
    You wrote the abuse really well, with just the right hint of it.
    It’s painful to read.

    1. Post
  2. Aku

    Interesting, in that it brings up an aspect of the Stepford Wives movie(s) that one doesn’t ever really see discussed or mentioned anywhere but would quite likely be fairly intrinsic to that whole setup.
    Well named story.

    1. Post

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