Warm body

Knees up and body bare

Day 2. 505 words in story one. Inspired by Exhibit A’s writing prompts with song lyrics.

She arched into him, her hands gripping his wrist. Long nails left divots in his skin that drew blood, the metallic odor scenting the air.

“You’re so beautiful.”

He swallowed a groan as he pushed his cock inside her. She wasn’t as wet as he would’ve liked, but she was hot and tight, inviting him to fuck her deeper.

Her hips wiggled and tilted up, causing his cock to slip millimeters deeper. Her mouth opened wide as he bumped her cervix, but no sound came from her red lips.

The slap of his hips meeting hers was like a symphony. Her hips arched and rolled in earnest, trying to meet his thrusts.

He met her eyes. They were wide, the whites seeming to dominate the whole space, but the irises were what drew him in. Her eyes were crystal clear blue like the waters off the Caribbean coast. He fell into them, swimming around in the depths of her mind as his cock plumbed the depths of her cunt.

There was connection here. Iris to Iris. Minds finding that beautiful space between them as he raced toward the satisfaction tightening his balls. She was his and his only, and nothing could stop him from owning her completely. God, it was so beautiful he could do nothing except surrender to it.

His release seem to come from his gut, bubbling up and roaring out of him. He shoved in deeper, her thighs loose now as she received his spunk. He relished the way her body welcomed him. She was warm, open, and so wet for him.

When the moment passed, he relaxed into her. Her eyes remained wide and unseeing, the blue still vibrant post coital. He nuzzled her ear, pressing his lips to the spot just above where his hands clasped tight around her throat.

“Through all the pain,” he whispered into her ear, “your eyes stayed blue.”

His grip on her neck released, allowing her head to droop to the side. Already bruises appeared on her skin where he’d used her. Neck, face, chest, and stomach bore the purple shades of his hands. His fists softening her before his cock did its work. He wish he’d added more before he fucked her.

A special thrill moved through him to see her like this on the cold concrete. Her eyes staring, blind now in death as his come leaked from her still warm body. The scratches on his wrists throbbed, adding to the immense euphoria he felt from taking her life.

He hated to dispose of her, her true beauty just coming to fruition. Maybe next time he could keep her alive longer to savor the look in her eyes. He lived for that wide eyed, startled look and the way she fought his grip on her throat. He could hold her on the edge of death until she begged for it. His cock twitched back to life at the thought of her begging.

“Next time, Cara.” He promised the body in the floor.

Naked Cara on her back, the angle of the camera from the left of her body facing up to her head so you can see bare breasts in post titled Warm body


  1. Dawn D

    Something early on told me it was not going to be a “all’s well that ends well” sort of story. Maybe the voiceless lips? Not sure.
    Beautifully penned though. If not for that gut feeling, I would have let myself slip into luscious imagined feelings.

    1. Post
  2. Aku

    This one went to a REALLY dark place.
    Just curious, are you implying that she’s an immortal who keeps regenerating after death or that he keeps killing women and pretending/deluding himself that they’re all the same women who he’s fixated on for whatever reason?

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      That portion I leave up to you to decide. I considered a part 2 in order to see which way it goes, but figured you’d pick the path that suited you the best.

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