He positioned her legs wide, moving her hips so she teetered on the edge of the bed. He gripped her chin, turning her face from side to side before leaning down to meet her gaze.

“You’re a good girl, aren’t you?”

Her brow furrowed and something flickered in her eyes before she replied. “What?”

He suppressed a smile, recognizing the look. He read submissive all over her the moment she’d walked in the restaurant, but she hide a lot under her cool stare. All it did was make him notice more instead of less. The dinner was lovely, but he’d wanted to draw all of her out.

“A good girl,” he continued. “One who longs to let someone direct and care for her. One wants to kneel, submit, and be fucked.”

There went that furrowed brow again. “Listen–”

She went to close her legs and he stopped her with a look, pleased when she placed them exactly where they’d been. “No, good girls do what they’re told, don’t they? You’re a good girl who listens and obeys, aren’t you?”

She swallowed, her eyes dilated. “Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He tilted his head, hiding his smile. “You do though. It’s why you came back with me, it’s why your legs remain open.”

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t move.

“It’s why your pussy is wet.” He saw the slight blush on her cheeks and allowed himself a smile. “Because you want me to use you. You want me to move you how I want, fuck you how I want, own you totally.”

She swallowed. “I think…”

He shook his head. “But you don’t need to think, don’t want to think, do you? You want to be guided.”

She opened her mouth, but quickly shut it when his hand dropped to the front of his pants. Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips as he unzipped and released his cock.

“You’re a good girl with and empty head and a hungry mouth, aren’t you?” He took hold of her chin and nodded her head for her. “A wet and hungry cunt that wants to receive.”

“Yes,” she whispered so low he barely heard her.

Heard her he did though. He stroked his cock watching as her tongue appeared again. Pressing a thumb to her lips until she opened, he slipped inside to touch her tongue. Her lips closed around him, sucking gently and making his cock jump.

“Are you a good girl?”

She swallowed hard and nodded, never taking her eyes off his hand moving.

“Empty head and hungry cunt, you just want to obey.”

“Yes.” This time she spoke louder around his finger before sucking harder.


Her lips part, releasing his thumb.

“Good girl.” He purrs, reaching around to grip her nape and bring her closer.

She lets him guide her, pulling her head closer so he could feed his cock into her open mouth.

“Suck,” he demands.

He watched a shudder work through her body the moment her lips close around him. She’s pliant under his hand, sucking as he thrust into her willing mouth.

“Such a good girl, mouth full of cock. So willing to obey.”

She moans around him, her sucks becoming stronger.

“You want your mouth fucked so badly.” He tightens his grip on her neck, forcing her down on to his cock. “You want each hole filled with come.”

Her hands rose to his hips, but they rested there instead of pushing him away. He wanted to know how deep her need ran, and held her against him, enjoying the feel of her mouth for a long minute. When he allowed her to breath, she lifted her eyes to his and he saw nothing except unbridled lust. They were eyes different from the girl he’d met before. This was a different woman entirely, one who was open and eager to please.

Dropping his hand from her neck, he placed a hand between her open thighs, feeling the heat of her cunt through her panties.

He stepped closer until she was craning her head far back. All that willingness just seeping from her body. All the things she hid, flowing out from every pore until the woman she was showed clear. He wanted to own her.

He pressed a hand to her shoulder, pushing her to her back. Gripping her hips, he pulled her bottom to the edge of the bed. She kept her thighs wide for him, her body light and open.

“This hole,” he began, fingering the increasingly wet gusset of her panties, “is the one that needs filled the most, doesn’t it? It’s very hungry right now.”


“Because you’re a good girl who needs it.”

“Yes, I need it.”

He pushed her panties to the side and teased her clit with the head of his cock. Her hips rocked up and she whimpered.

“Good girl,” he murmured as he thrust deep into her willing cunt.

The way she arched beneath him, mouth open and head thrown back, made him want to possess every inch of her.


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