She crawled across the floor toward him, the light seeming to caress her brown skin, flowing over her the closer she came.

Before she reached his chair, he stopped her.

“Turn, kitten. Show me my cunt.”

She turned on her knees like a good girl, lowering her chest to the rug and then reaching back to spread her cheeks so he could see all of her. Dark brown transitioned to coral pink, her excitement evident in the wetness coating that pinkness.

He moved from his chair, dropping to his knees behind her. Where she was naked for his eyes, he was dressed in his usual attire of a t-shirt and jeans. Her vulnerability before him excited them both in the moments where she was the most submissive.

Teasing her clit, he tapped it gently, enjoying the way she tried not to wiggle against his touch.

“And what are you, kitten?”

She took a breath, which she released as a gasp when he thrust two fingers. Her back dipped and her thighs spread, her hips wiggling just so.

“Kitten.” He removed his fingers in warning.

He unfastened his jeans, just releasing his cock. Tapping her hip, he prompted her to continue speaking.

“I am my Daddy’s kitten…”

She trailed off, but remained still when he thrust into her body.

“Daddy,” she pled low. She drew another breath and carried on, “my cunt belongs to my Daddy. I am his little whore.”

“Good kitten.” He gripped her hips, pulling her back against him with each thrust. “And?”

“And… and I need his come to make me a big girl.”

She whimpered at the feel of his hips grinding into her bottom.


“Sometimes big girls don’t get to come, do they kitten?”

He watched her nails dig into the flesh of her bottom, making indents where she continued to hold herself open for him. “No, Daddy. Sometimes big girls only get their Daddy’s come and are satisfied.”

He smiled at the whine in her voice. “What a good little kitten you are.”

She moaned softly and tried to rock back against him. He let her, knowing it was tough to just wait and receive.

“Please give me your come, Daddy.” She started whispering. “Please, please. Make me a big girl.”

Her words made him growl and fuck her harder.

“Please, please, please.”

She chanted and begged for his come until he couldn’t deny her. He held her tight to him as he flooded her cunt. She panted beneath him, her body fluttering, but she didn’t come without permission.

“Daddy,” she moaned out. “I’m a good kitten, so full of her Daddy’s come, aren’t it?”

He pulled her up so he could wrap her in his arms. “You are my good little kitten cunt. I may have to fill you up again you’re so good.”

She turned to kiss him softly, her eyes brimming with love. “My cunt is yours to do with as you please.”

“Good kitten.”


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