Bare and Wet

I’m totally behind on reading and writing blog posts. Subsequently, I missed the previous fortnights KOTW which covered going commando. I figured I’d catch up on the one topic and write a little something on squirting, which is this fortnights topic of choice.

Let me say I haven’t typed up a regular post of this nature in a little bit. The last was the topic on names in D/s, and I felt like I stayed on task fairly well. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a better story writer than I am a chatter on here. Words simply flow easier for me when it comes to kink if I’m telling a tale. Interestingly enough, when it comes to other topics unrelated to kink, I do well. My mind just wanders here.

Never mind that ramble, you came for my thoughts on bare bottoms and wet cunts, eh?

I’m a fan of going without panties. To the point where I get a little irritable when I have to wear underwear at all. Sometimes it has a sexy connotation to it. If I’m wearing a dress or shorts, my mind gravitates to easy access, which is so arousing to even consider.

Outside of those things, leaving off panties is mainly done out of laziness. It may have started sexy, but it ends up being something I skip over because it’s one less thing to bother with. Plus, it’s something I don’t have to strip off before bed. Closer to naked frankly.

Now on to the wet…

Squirting is a strange thing for me. It’s funny how I like to give up control of my body, but find the act of squirting so disconcerting in the total loss of control.

I watch the occasional porn or read someone’s story of squirting women. I see it, don’t really have hang ups associated with it, but simply find it uncomfortable for me to do.

There was a lover, one I was quite fond of, but ended up being hot/cold. The man was very fond of making those he slept with squirt. Perhaps it was his technique or my tension, but I’d only trickle or get very very wet. I’d never do the big fountain of ejaculate that you’d see or hear about. It was sooo intense and I’d squeal from the feeling, but my body never gave up the gushes that soaked body or bed. I’ve had subsequent lovers try, but I found I just shied away from the intensity.

Part of me is almost jealous. My poor puss doesn’t purr that way. It doesn’t bring forth such great waves of pleasure as to expel my lust visibly. On top of that, I’ve had concerns about the strength of my orgasms. I’ve had a partner or two ask if I’ve come.

I, like most women, don’t usually come from penetration alone. There for a while, coming from penetrative sex was not likely until I met a more aggressive lover who hit the right spots. Mine tend to be clitoral in nature anyway, but I notice my pelvic contracts aren’t as strong. I could do kegels, or buy Ben Wa balls, or or or something. Because of the pressure of it, many times I don’t want to come at all.

All this to say squirting is something I’m still not sure about. Maybe it’s a matter of the right partner that I feel safe enough relaxing. Or maybe it’s just not a necessary part of my sexual existence. Frankly, I’m leaning more toward answer number two on this one.

See how others responded on the topic. Let’s all get a little wet in the process.


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  1. Kayla Lords

    I love the rambling you so more of this please. πŸ˜€

    As for squirting, while we focus on the physical aspect (obviously) so much of it is mental. Not only do you have to relax your body, but you have to relax your mind (at least that’s my experience). And then I have to *want* to squirt. If I really don’t want to, I won’t – although my orgasm is smaller as a result. Ultimately, though, it’s more important to experience pleasure in whatever form – squirting gushes or not. πŸ™‚

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      Cara Thereon

      I feel like I go on and on and definitely don’t stay on topic. Haha.

      Sex has always been mental for me. I think I like the control portion of BDSM because I have to take my mind out of it. Maybe it’s a hump I need to get over but it’s so uncomfortable I’m not sure I ever will relax enough to squirt.

  2. Sweeten Dirty

    I don’t mind rambling, as it feels to be the most honest and open. I rarely go commando, but when I do I find it very arousing. I can definitely understand your feelings about squirting.

  3. May More

    Love not wearing knickers but often have to because of the weather – as to squirting – I have done a few times – one is documented in my KOTW post – but would be happy enough not too…

  4. Molly

    I was in my mid 30’s when I squirted for the first time. As I described in my post it is a very different type of orgasm for me than the pulsing kind. I have found the key to them though is really overwhelming sensation such as that provided by the Doxy


  5. Bee

    I love the rambling you!

    I honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about, squirting isn’t something everybody can do and it’s certainly not something to aspire to if you don’t want to. For me it adds nothing to my orgasm whatsoever but it does add to my laundry which is something I could do without!

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