Hello May

Unedited quickie

“Come here, Kitten.”

The TV clicked off in the middle of her show. She pouted a bit, wanting to whine.

“Aw, Daddy.” Okay, she whined a little.


The warning was obvious and she didn’t want the punishment attached to disobeying. Be a good girl, she thought.

She stopped kicking her feet and rolled to her back to get up. He was sitting in his chair, looking at her wearing his smile that made her knees tremble. She moved to all fours, stretching out her body for him before crawling slowly across the floor to him.

“Yes, Daddy?” She said when she was seated at his feet.

He reached out to pet her hair, pulling her closer until she could climb on his lap. When she’d settled in with her back to his chest, he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Kitten,” he began with a kiss to her throat. “Do you know what tomorrow is?”

She blinked rapidly, racking her memory for what thing of significance could be happening tomorrow. Nothing was coming to mind and it made her squirm with nervousness in his lap.

“The first of May?” She squeaked out.

He reached under her shirt to pinch her nipple. “Indeed, kitten. May first starts Masturbation Month. Do you know what that means for you, pet?”

He pinched her nipple again, scrambling her mind and making her pussy cream.

“I don’t know?” Her words were a jumbled mess.

“I means, pet, that you have things to do.”

“To do?” She was struggling to keep up, especially when his hand slipped beneath her shorts to touch her clit. “What am I doing, Daddy?”

His lips brushed her ear and she squirmed in his lap under his touch. Oh gosh, she’d come if he kept it up.

“Exactly this, Kitten. I want you to come for me everyday in May.” He pinched her clit hard and nearly catapulted her over the edge.

“Daddy, please.” She was a panting, squirmy mess. “Daddy.”

He nuzzled her neck, keeping her right at the edge.

“I want you to play with your little clit, fuck your little cunt, and come for me. Every. Single. Day.”

“Daddy,” she begged. “Please.”

He hummed, seeming to debate as she hovered. For one scary moment she thought he’d leave her unfulfilled. She moaned in desperate need.

“You may come, Kitten. Come for me.”

His words were barely above a whisper, but she felt them in her core as she exploded. He held her against him, anchoring her as she came undone.

“Good girl.”


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