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What a way to start, but an apt one considering I’m undertaking a month-long challenge. Anxiety is a friend of mine. It has its roots in trauma, childhood trauma specifically, but we’ve all had some form of it or another. My anxiety has never been clinically diagnosed, but my family and friends are well aware …

Hello May

Unedited quickie “Come here, Kitten.” The TV clicked off in the middle of her show. She pouted a bit, wanting to whine. “Aw, Daddy.” Okay, she whined a little. “Kitten.” The warning was obvious and she didn’t want the punishment attached to disobeying. Be a good girl, she thought. She stopped kicking her feet and …

May 1st

A new month full of new possibilities.  I’m hoping it brings good things with its entrance, including warmer weather. It may even bring a new bra for you to enjoy. It’s masturabtion month too!  Alas, not a new bra, but one of my favs. Good enough. 😉