“Sit here.”

I rose from my spot across from him, leaving my half eaten salmon and asparagus in order to circle the table. He’d already cleared his plate from the placemat and I only hesitated a second before I climbed up. 

He just looked at me. His dark gaze held my eyes, seeming to see deep in to me, looking until I wanted to squirm. I couldn’t help but drop my gaze, feeling too vulnerable before him. Always vulnerable when I was in his presence. 

His low growl brought heat to my cheeks and my pussy as I snapped my eyes back to his. For a moment I thought I’d earned a spanking, something that only made me hotter, but he simply shook his head at me. 

“Lie back, naughty girl.”

I obeyed immediately not wanting to push my luck. My back settled against the table, the coolness from wood seeping through my thin shirt. His hands started a slow track up my calves, caressing behind my knees, and competing with the chill of the table to send a shiver through me. 

It took little to part my thighs, forcing my skirt to my hips.  Just a gentle pressure on my knees and he saw exactly what was his. His cunt, free of unnecessary fabric and shaved neat. 

His eyes slid shut as he took in a deep breath and I bite my lip when he opened them again. Hunger, so much hunger reflected in his eyes and my body ached with the intensity of that look. 

“It’s been a long day and the only thing that has gotten me through was the thought of tasting you until your cum covered my face.” 

Before I could respond his tongue made a long sweep from top to bottom. I was reduced to nothing more than a choked gasp. 

He lifted his head from between my thighs to smile at me. “Exactly what I was needing.”

My thighs found their way over his shoulders and his mouth found its way back to my cunt. I willingly gave him every drop of come he wrung from me. It all belonged to him. 


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