“I was expecting a call.”

The disappointment on his face caused a twinge in her belly. She’d call it regret, but it felt more akin to guilt.

She tucked her hands between her closed thighs and sighed softly. His face was friendly and that made her feelings of guilt worse.

“I just haven’t been feeling….”

The words petered out. What had she been feeling lately? Now wasn’t the time to examine her feelings.

“Things have been kind of busy lately.”

It was lame, but she couldn’t manage better. She tried for a smile, but could tell it was strained. He obviously sensed her lie on some level because his own smile dimmed and she felt like a cad. It was hard to find the right spark of connection and emotion where he was concerned.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine them together though. His mouth fastened to her cunt, sucking at her clit and lapping up her juices as he worked diligently to make her come. Her mind flipped to him pressing into her from behind, his cock curving and hitting all the right spots until she cried out from the sensation. Then her mouth wrapped firmly around his cock, drinking down the essence of him.

She shifted in her chair, grabbing her coffee for a long drink to cover the blush spreading across her cheeks. He watched her closely, but made no comment.

The drink fortified her and added clarity. While her cunt still pulsed hot and slick at the thought of him between her thighs, her head and heart still lacked the needed excitement to see it through to reality.

She wanted him, but didn’t want the emotional mess having him required.

He rose from his chair, his brown eyes friendly but resigned as though he knew her thoughts.

“Call me if you change your mind.”

She nodded, but they both knew she wouldn’t be calling. She needed more and that wouldn’t change overnight.

Even as he walked away, even as she knew she’d probably never see him again, the guilt seemed to throb in time to her clit. She’d go home and come with her hand buried in her cunt, her mind filled with images of him and what she’d willingly gave up.


  1. Nick

    Excellent and poignant.

    An epitaph to all those might-have-been relationships.

    And maybe, just maybe, that it was right to walk away from.
    Even though you can never, really, know.

    1. Post
      1. Nick

        They might have felt they were missing out, but they did have the thrill of the possibility, the feeling of being alive and knowing that somebody might want to get to know them better. You.

        I can understand why they would be disappointed.

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