Balanced in that place between sleep and awake, he finds me there. Naked body warm, open, welcoming as he slips in beside to hold me. 

A large hand gripping my neck, squeezing to control from one breath… Inhale, squeeze, slow exhale… To the next. I am less asleep, more awake, but still teetering on dreams. 

My body blooms. Breasts heavy and begging for a sterner touch, a pinch or a bite. Legs parting, draping over thighs heavier than mine. Opening enough to welcome the thick, pulsing length of him inside. 

I am controlled. Clinging to the hand wrapped around my throat. Clinging to the cock driving deeper, harder, faster into the wet depths of me. 

I am awake. No longer dreaming, but breathing when he lets me and feeling each inch of my submission. 

He moves me to my stomach, never once breaking his hold or losing his stride. And I take it all, I open my thighs wider to receive, I wait for my next given breath as pleasure multiples in me. 

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