Caught (8:1)

Hunter stepped up beside the man as she struggled to catch her breath. She settled back on her haunches and watched as the two men talked to each other in whispered tones. They moved off to converse in the grass, leaving her to wonder what they could possibly have to discuss. The man’s comment about filling her with his cum made her feel a touch of apprehension. Hunter had no ownership of her and couldn’t just give out her services to anyone who asked.

She rose to go to him, but a small hand pushed down on her shoulder. “You still have one more person to finish.” Veronica pressed until Gazelle knelt back down on the lawn.

“I don’t want to play anymore,” Gazelle said as her eyes darted to the talking men.

Veronica tsked and ran a hand through Gazelle’s dark hair. She stepped closer. “But you do. Even when you fought Jack, you wanted more. You didn’t even realize you moved closer.”

Gazelle shook her head, watching as Veronica pulled up the hem of her sundress. Unable to look away, she watched as inch after inch of pale skin caught the sunlight until the trimmed curls peeped out. Drawing in a breath, Gazelle could smell the musky scent of her arousal, an unnatural longing to touch the plump pink lips overwhelming her. Her mouth watered at the thought.

“I want you to taste me, love,” Veronica purred. She dropped her hands and parted her creamy thighs. “I think you want it, too.”

That attraction she’d tried desperately to ignore rocked Gazelle hard and she found herself leaning forward to press her mouth to her smooth thigh. Being this close, smelling her scent, pushed her further and she buried her nose in those copper curls. The flutter of fingers through her hair spurred her on and her tongue darted out to taste her. Having never pleasured a woman before, that first unlocked something inside her. Deep inside, she knew it was this woman that triggered something inside of her. Gazelle cupped Veronica’s ass and pulled her closer so she could plunge her tongue between those lips. One slender thigh draped over her shoulder, giving her uninhibited access.

“That’s it.” That breathy sound sent more cream gushing from Gazelle. “More. Yes, just like that.”

Tension started low in Gazelle’s belly as she thrust her tongue in time to the rock of Veronica’s hips. Without looking, she knew Hunter watched her and that fueled her desire and arousal. She squeezed her own thighs together, gripped the soft ass in her palms tighter, and feasted on juicy cunt. She let that woman inside of her reign for this moment as she pleasured her. In this moment, she’d be that person who enjoyed the sweet taste of the person she wanted to please.

Veronica’s moans became gasps after a time until she started humping frantically into Gazelle’s questing mouth. Gazelle felt her tense and then scream as she sucked at her pulsing clit. Her shudders rippled through both their bodies and Gazelle moaned, lapping up all that sweet cream. Veronica’s sweet cum covered her lips and chin, and she was aching from her unrealized orgasm, but she continued sucking.

Gazelle’s face was pulled away and Veronica kissed her full on the lips. When they pulled apart, Veronica’s mouth shone with her own wetness. Her green eyes glittered. “If he doesn’t claim you, I will. Anytime you really want to know what it’s like to be with a woman, come find me, love.”

Veronica’s flashed her a seductive smile before stepping away. Gazelle’s heart beat an erratic tattoo in her chest as she realized what she’d done. Her body was alive, but her mind reeled with turmoil. The deeper she sank into this act, the more that other person came out. It was wrong.

“I echo Veronica’s sentiment; if he doesn’t keep you, I will.” Luke whispered before licking along her chin. “Mm, the best thing I’ve tasted all day.”

She felt like she was in a daze. Glancing around her, Gazelle realized she and Luke only were finished with the first task. An intense feeling of triumph coursed through her to know she beat out the more experienced people present. On the heels of that joy was the realization that she’d enjoyed every single minute of it, just like Veronica had said. The line between who she thought she was and who she was rapidly becoming blurred by the second. Panic welled up as she glanced around the yard, her mind urging her to flee while her body begged her to stay.

“There you go thinking too much.” This time it was Hunter who spoke softly into her ear. Just his solid warmth beside her caused some of the tension and fear riding along her mind to leave. She leaned her head against the hard muscles his chest for a moment, listening to the rumble of his voice as it flowed through her. “I haven’t given you permission to think, Gazelle, only feel. You’re here only to serve however I ask you to and right now I want you to show everyone that you’re mine.”

Hearing that from her did strange things to her. It was getting harder to deny the how much she wanted him, wanted to please him. She lifted her head and stared into his eyes. They sparkled with something so hot it made her skin prickle. Gazelle felt unbelievably connected to him just then. The need to make him happy wormed into her heart and she found herself needing to feel his love. The stab in her heart was the stark reminder it wouldn’t be forthcoming. She buried her face into his chest, inhaling his scent and swearing to content herself with whatever she could get from him.

“Yes, Master,” she found herself whispering. For however long she had him, she would savor the time.

She felt the pressure of his lips in her hair and then he sat her away from him and stood up. “Good girl.”

The pleasure at hearing those words from him brought a smile to her face. While she was with him, she’d just live in the moment. He brushed his lips across hers before standing and moving away. The warmth she felt in his embrace faded slightly, but she let the feelings linger.

Veronica appeared and gestured for those gathered around to move closer. The woman was a beacon, and Gazelle had to look away. Her body reacted to the redhead, but her mind knew better to let the attraction distract her. She knew what she felt fell firmly in the lust category, but she knew she needed to be careful not to allow that lust to blind her to how dangerous Veronica could really be, and the lengths she’d go to in order to get what she wanted.

“We saw how well each slave did at giving pleasure, but how do they do receiving?” Gazelle could hear the excitement Veronica’s words caused. “The rules of this game are as easy as the one before: You choose a person to pleasure your slave only they can’t cum until they’ve been given permission. So the question is, how long will your slave last?”

Anxiety raced down her spine and she prayed Jack wouldn’t step up to touch her. The wicked way Veronica laughed only made her more nervous. But underneath all of that lived that electric pulse of excitement she felt at submitting to her desires. Gazelle drew on that now, knowing she’d need it if she’d make it through the rest of the game.

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