Big Tease

I’ll talk about scratching as a kink in a regular post soon I hope.

I’m not sure how I let her talk me into stuff like this. She pouted those full lips at me, flashed a little boob, and promised any position I’d like, and then there I was in a place I loathed.

I’d agreed to come to this college bar full of guys too young to understand the importance of wearing pants that gave your balls some room to fucking breathe. They also seemed to believe they were hot shit that any woman would fall all over themselves to fuck. The number of goons who’d approached Amy and acted surprised when she turned them down was my clue of the type of guys that drank there.

“I just want to dance a little, Pauly.”

Her breasts were pressed tight to my arm as I nursed my beer. The lovely view I got down her top assuaged lots of the simmering anger I felt at all the dickheads surrounding us, that and way her hand rested on my thigh. I was irritated and horny.

Amy took a big swallow of the fruity pineapple drink she ordered, downing the large majority of it before she hopped down off the stool. She stood in front of me, her hips swaying as she crooked a finger at me.

“Come dance.” She have a little shake that made her breasts jiggle. My eyes followed every bounce

“Listen, Amy…” I heaved a sigh.

She narrowed her eyes and the alarm bells went off in my mind. There was determination in her eyes and that spelled more trouble. Before I could work up some excuse with a promise for the best pussy licking I could provide, she was striding away from me into the testosterone-soaked dance floor.

Within nanoseconds, she was grinding against some jacked up dickhead. Her eyes never left mine as she arched her back and licked her lips.

I was trying to keep a lid on my anger, but I couldn’t look away. My head thumped and my cock pulsed.

The sensuous way she moved as though she’d lift her dress and display everything she had, made me want to carry her outside and fuck her against that wall.

No, I wanted to push her to the ground, the grit of the alleyway ripping up her knees. I’d make her suck my cock until my toes curled, and blow my load all over her heaving breasts. Then I’d take her back to the house and fuck her hard as she fought me. Fuck her until her nails dug like daggers into my back, leaving deep scratches that I’d feel days after.

I ground my teeth, knowing damn well she was teasing me, but unable to stop my reaction.

When dickhead trailed his pudgy hands up the hem of dress, I lost it. I stormed on to the floor, pushed myself between them, and planted my fist into the jaw of the dickhead. The man went to the ground and the atmosphere of the bar changed. The rising chattering over the music signaled the potential for a kerfuffle. I knew if we didn’t duck out soon, I’d end up spotting a nice shiner for work.

“We’re leaving.”

I drug Amy out of the bar, ignoring her weak protests as I stomped to the car. I was fuming by the time we’d peeled out of the parking lot.

“It was just a little fun, baby. Don’t get so upset.”

I scoff at that. She said it like she didn’t know what she’d meant to do. Amy loved to rile me up, and even though I knew that, I still saw red when they laid their hands on her.

“You’re a cocktease.”

The second we got home, I was spanking that teasing ass of hers and then fucking it.

Her hand came to rest on my thigh. “I’m sorry, baby.”

Nothing about her tone suggested regret, but my focus narrowed in on the way her little hands worked to undo the button of my jeans.

“Let me make it up to you.”

She was a fucking witch and she knew it. The moment her lips wrapped around my cock, I was in a better mood. I kept one hand on the wheel and the other bunched in her hair as I let her suck me off.

Her nails sank into my thighs when I pushed her head down on my cock. It sent phantom sensations of her nails scratching down my back as she gripped my leg harder. I held her there until the road blurred a bit from the pleasure, then released her so I could savor her gasps for air.

“You want to tease?” I tightened my grip on her hair until she gave a wavering moan. “This is your punishment.”

We stopped at a red light. I pressed her back down, loving that she opened wide without prompting, her lips kissing the base of my cock until it changed.

I released her. “Show me those tits.”

She was quick to pull her dress down. I glanced to the side, admiring her full breasts and tight nipples.

I had to get her home ASAP before I got into a wreck. The need to have her right fucking then was going to make me crazy.

We hit the driveway and I ordered her out the car. “Strip the second you’re inside. If you’re wearing a stitch of clothing when I walk in, your ass will be sorry.”

Amy was scrambling out and into the house. I gave her a couple seconds head start before I was approached the door. She didn’t know I planned on punishing her no matter what.

If she was going to tease me, then she could handle whatever I gave her in response.

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    Yes indeed, the spanking she wanted was coming – can we be a fly on the wall for that too? Great story Cara x

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